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August 25, 2022

3 Ways to Optimize Your Choice When You Buy CBDa Products


Are you looking to buy CBDa products? Your body is sacred. Every molecule entering your system has an impact, for better or worse. Are you looking CBDa? You're taking a risk whenever you put something on your skin, inhale it, ingest it, or otherwise introduce it into your body. Will this help me? Or will it harm me? You must safeguard your health with the utmost vigilance, now more than ever.

The natural health industry is booming as people open their hearts and minds to the power of plants. They're increasingly turning to nature's pharmacy for solutions to their physical and mental struggles.

If you're continuously seeking ways to support your well-being and optimize health, you've likely heard about the power of hemp and its non-psychoactive cannabinoids. And with no wonder, hemp products like cannabidiol (CBD) and its parent compound cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) are some of the most popular natural remedies on the market today.

The CBD industry is exploding right now. And that's a good thing! It means that people are finally catching on to the healing potential of this powerful plant compound. But it also means that the market is becoming saturated with subpar products.

So how can you protect your health and ensure you get the best possible product when you buy CBDa and CBD oil? Here are three tips to help you make informed decisions when you buy CBDa.

1. Check the source material

When it comes to any hemp-derived product, the quality of the source material is crucial. Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning it absorbs everything in the soil surrounding its tender roots. So, if the plant is grown in nutrient-rich, clean soil, the final product will be of higher quality. Similarly, the final product will reflect its environmental origins if grown in nutrient-deficient, polluted soil contaminated with heavy metals or other toxins.

At Nesas Hemp, we carefully consider the soil that nourishes our beloved hemp. We designed a soil nutrition program using fertilizer from free-roaming cows fed nutrition-rich food and fresh mineral water. And we take extraordinary measures to optimize their gut health, meaning that the fertilizer they produce is the best it can possibly be. 

Remember that it's impossible to know where hemp was sourced just by looking at a product. The best way to ensure quality is to buy from a reputable brand that discloses every step of its sourcing, processing, and manufacturing processes. They shouldn't just disclose it, they should proudly and confidently stand behind their product.

2. Look for Beyond Organic certification

Organic certification is your assurance that a product has been grown according to strict federal guidelines prohibiting synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. But the organic label doesn't tell the whole story.

The 'Beyond Organic' designation goes a step further. It's a standard that Nesas Hemp developed to reflect our commitment to surpassing the organic standard in dozens of ways, from seed to plant, to processing, to shelf. We're committed to regenerative, sustainable, and ethical agriculture that nurtures our plants, the soil, the air, and your health. So when you buy CBDa backed by our 'Beyond Organic' standard, you know you can't buy better.

3. Check the third-party laboratory testing certificate

When you buy CBDa and CBD products, always check the third-party laboratory testing certificate. If a company doesn't have readily available lab results, that's a huge red flag.

Any reputable company should be able to provide you with up-to-date Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that show the cannabinoid content and purity of their products. This document provides vital information about the finished product, including its cannabinoid and terpene profile, as well as any contaminants like heavy metals, mold, or pesticides that may be present.

Independent labs conduct these tests to ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind that what's on the label is actually in the bottle. At Nesas Hemp, we go one step further by insisting that each and every batch of our products is tested by not one but multiple independent, certified labs at the highest level of precision available. We test for pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and other substances not just at the standard parts per million level but the parts per billion level of accuracy, which is 1000 times more precise than routine testing. Even at this level of scrutiny, we score 'none detected' on every test for impurities, which is truly unique within the industry.

When you buy CBDa oil from Nesas Hemp, you're investing in your health with the highest quality product available on the market today. We hope you'll join us on our quest to create the world's best CBDa products and help set a new standard for excellence in hemp-derived wellness.

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