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Updated on February 7, 2024

CBD for Psoriasis

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Key takeaways

  • Statistics show that about 60 million people have psoriasis globally.
  • Research shows that CBD may offer some potential therapeutic benefits to people with psoriasis including providing anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory effects.
  • CBD oils and topical products were found to improve symptoms of psoriasis like itching and swelling.
  • CBD topical products offer the best products for psoriasis and other skin-related conditions.

CBD has gained attention for its potential benefits in managing psoriasis, a chronic skin condition marked by inflammation. Preliminary research suggests that CBD's anti-inflammatory properties and interaction with skin receptors may offer relief. Understanding its role and effectiveness is vital for those seeking alternative or complementary approaches to alleviate psoriasis symptoms.

Overview of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin condition characterized by the rapid growth of skin cells, leading to the formation of thick, red, and often scaly patches on the skin. Statistics show that an estimated 60 million people have psoriasis worldwide.

Psoriasis results from a malfunction in the immune system, causing it to mistakenly target healthy skin cells. This leads to an accelerated production of skin cells, forming plaques on the skin's surface.

Symptoms of psoriasis

  1. Red Patches
  2. Itching and Discomfort

Types of Psoriasis

  1. Plaque Psoriasis: The most common form, characterized by well-defined red patches with silvery scales.
  2. Guttate Psoriasis: Small, dot-like lesions often triggered by infections.
  3. Inverse Psoriasis: Smooth, red patches in skin folds.
  4. Pustular Psoriasis: White, pus-filled blisters on red skin.
  5. Erythrodermic Psoriasis: Rare but severe, causing widespread redness and scaling.

What are the common Triggers of Psoriasis

  1. Genetics: Family history can contribute to the development of psoriasis.
  2. Stress: Emotional stress may exacerbate symptoms.
  3. Infections: Streptococcal infections can trigger guttate psoriasis.
  4. Trauma to the Skin: Injuries or sunburns may lead to the development of psoriasis in affected areas.

How may CBD assist People with Psoriasis?

The role of CBD for skin conditions have been extensively reported by several researchers. Some of the possible roles of CBD for psoriasis may include the following;

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may be beneficial for conditions like psoriasis where inflammation plays a significant role.
  2. Immunomodulatory Effects: Psoriasis involves an overactive immune response. Some studies suggest that CBD may have immunomodulatory effects, helping to regulate the immune system and potentially reduce the autoimmune response seen in psoriasis.
  3. Skin Health: CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating various physiological processes, including skin health. This interaction may influence factors such as skin cell growth and differentiation. CBD may also play a role in stimulating the secretion and recruitment of cells crucial for eliminating skin cell debris. This process is vital for facilitating proper skin maturation and healing. The potential mechanisms through which CBD interacts with skin cells offer promising insights into its therapeutic role in managing psoriasis symptoms. Further investigations are necessary to fully understand and validate these effects.
  4. Improving symptoms of psoriasis

In a study conducted in 2020, 50 individuals experiencing either scalp psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, a condition characterized by dry and flaky skin on the scalp, were instructed to use a CBD-infused shampoo for a duration of 2 weeks. The results indicated a notable reduction in itching, burning sensations, and the severity of scalp inflammation.

Frequently asked questions

What form of CBD works best for Psoriasis?

While all forms of CBD may offer therapeutic benefits to people dealing with Psoriasis, topical applications like creams or ointments are commonly favored for targeting specific skin areas. They offer localized relief by interacting directly with affected skin. However, some individuals may also find benefit from oral CBD products to address systemic factors contributing to psoriasis. The choice depends on personal preference, the severity of symptoms, and the specific dynamics of the condition. Consulting with an expert and considering factors like dosage, formulation, and individual response is essential for determining the most effective form of CBD for managing psoriasis.

Is CBD safe for skin conditions?

Yes, CBD is generally considered safe for various skin conditions, with potential anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects. Ensure the use of high-quality, third-party-tested CBD products, and be aware of potential interactions or adverse reactions based on personal health circumstances.

Does CBD help heal skin?

CBD may hold potential benefits for skin health. The identification of cannabinoid receptors on the skin has highlighted the potential benefits of topical cannabis. Research indicates that applying cannabis topically offers anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, analgesic, wound-healing, and anti-proliferative effects on the skin. This suggests a promising avenue for utilizing cannabis-infused topical products to address various skin conditions, emphasizing the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in promoting skin health.

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