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December 17, 2020

CBDa for Severe Behavioral Disorders - CBD Oil


CBDa for Severe Behavioral Disorders

CBDa for Severe Behavioral Disorders
How one customer overcame several devastating conditions using Nesa’s Hemp CBD oil.
KC and her dad became customers of Nesa’s Hemp after trying many different treatment options for a combination of mental health and behavioral issues KC started experiencing during her teenage years. The results were so different than what they’d experienced before. KC’s dad decided to write a long-form testimonial to let us know, and more importantly, let other prospective hemp extract users know what they had gone through and what CBD oil did for them.

What was the problem?

KC is a young lady who suffered from epilepsy, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harm practices. The relationship is not clear, but epilepsy and anxiety are often seen together. Eating disorders and self-harm are common extensions of severe anxiety. According to KC’s dad, the onset of all of KC’s symptoms and conditions seemed to occur about the same time, which was a devastating period for both of them. A lot of mental and behavioral health conditions are known to start showing symptoms during adolescence. It’s difficult for the families and especially for the afflicted person who suddenly finds him or herself struggling just to get through each day.

What did they try?

Everything. All of the typical treatment options for eating disorders, anxiety, and epilepsy were attempted and eventually abandoned because they didn’t work. When one condition would improve with a certain treatment, the others would get worse, and the treatment would have to be discontinued. This included prescriptions, behavioral treatment, therapy, and others. By the time they considered Nesa’s Hemp, they were both tired and in desperate need of something that would work the way they needed it to work.

The One That Worked

KC and her father, MC, met the founder and CEO of Nesa’s Hemp, Inesa Ponomariovaite. After discussing Nesa’s Hemp and what makes it different, MC stated that Inesa’s understanding and extensive education in personal health and wellbeing were “undeniable.” They had already exhausted other treatment options and decided to give Nesa’s Hemp a try. The word MC used to describe the effect was “life-changing.” They were able to stop the failing treatments KC was on and switch to a single dose of Nesa’s Hemp extract in the morning and another in the evening.

How’s it going?

Since the beginning of her hemp extract regimen, after giving the cumulative effect enough time to kick in, KC has had no anxiety. For someone who suffered from extreme anxiety with extreme side effects, this is an incredible achievement. Her father reports that she’s eating well and has gained 15 pounds in only five months, a miraculous turnaround for someone who has had long-term anorexia. The self-harming has stopped completely because there’s no longer a physiological need for KC to induce those endorphins herself. MC tells us, “Nesa’s has brought our family health, happiness, and peace of mind.”

Why does it work? CBDa vs CBD oil difference2


There are two things that are typically analyzed when evaluating the viability of a healthcare solution: its safety and its efficacy. Extensive testing has already been done to determine the safety of CBD oil, and the results are in: it’s safe. It’s especially safe when compared to the myriad of prescription drugs; it has the potential to replace certain conditions. Depending on your manufacturer, there might be an issue of additives or contaminants in your CBD oil that may reduce its efficacy or cause other problems of its own. To combat this, Nesa’s Hemp uses Beyond Organic measures, including ancient, fertile soil that’s free of chemical fertilizers and other contaminants, a unique and proprietary cold extraction process that preserves the CBDa in the tincture, and zero flavorings, color, preservatives, or additives of any kind. You get what’s in the hemp plants, and that’s it.


Efficacy varies somewhat from one individual to another because CBD works by supporting homeostasis, the body’s natural, functional balance. People whose physiology achieves homeostasis easily might not experience as much difference with CBD oil. Those whose endocannabinoid systems could use some help maintaining balance, like KC, will likely see more results, particularly in areas of imbalance.


A lot depends on your dose as well. Accurate dosing hasn’t been established for CBD oils because the research is still in relatively early stages. What we know so far is that a lot of tinctures on the market today aren’t nearly potent enough to achieve results. We also know that CBDa is 1,000 times more potent than CBD but is harder to produce and therefore less available. Nesa’s Hemp processes hemp extract specifically to retain the CBDa, and that’s why it works for KC. On most bottles of tinctures, you’ll find dosing instructions that tell you what dose is safe to get started and how you can increase your dose if and when the CBD oil isn’t working for you.

Achieve a better quality of life.

KC and her father have been profoundly happy with the results they got from Nesa’s Hemp. MC wrote, “We hold no reservation to the promotion of this product,” though he told us he rarely leaves product reviews of any kind. They were amazed at what a simple and effective solution it turned out to be.

“Thank you, Inesa. We wish you all the well-deserved success in saving lives. You saved my daughter’s.”

KC’s case was one of the more severe applications of hemp extract. We are immensely grateful to have the opportunity to make such an impact on this young woman’s life and her father’s, but we never take for granted the small victories like helping someone get better sleep, have less joint pain, or get through chemo with a little less nausea. It worked for them, and it can work for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

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