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October 21, 2022

Exciting New Research from the World of Hemp Research Highlights the CBD Benefits


Exciting New Research from the World of Hemp Research Highlights the CBD Benefits

At long last, the world of scientific research is opening its eyes to the massive potential of cannabis and hemp. Although an ancient healing herb, these plants have been largely misunderstood and neglected by the mainstream medical community for generations. But that's finally starting to change as more and more studies are being conducted on the incredible healing properties of hemp compounds.

Following the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of Epidiolex, a cannabidiol (CBD) medication used to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, numerous other studies are now underway to uncover further medical applications for CBD and other cannabinoids.

The potential benefits of hemp are vast and varied. Our ancestors used this humble plant to make everything from rope and sails to clothing and paper, and of course, as an earth-centered medicine. Today, we're only just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential.

So far, studies have shown that hemp could help many conditions, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. It's also been shown to have neuroprotective qualities, making it potentially valuable for neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Research is poised on the brink of discovering many more exciting applications for this versatile plant.

The reemergence of hemp as a powerful medicinal plant is an exciting development, not only for those who stand to benefit from its healing properties but also for the planet as a whole. Cannabis and hemp are among the most sustainable plants on the planet, capable of sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As we search for natural solutions to the climate crisis, hemp could play a vital role in helping to heal the Earth.

Whether you're interested in using hemp medicinally or are curious about the CBD benefits, continue reading as we explore some of the latest findings from the world of hemp and CBD research.

The pain-relieving effects of CBD

Although cannabis research is accelerating, there's still only limited experimental human research on many of its potential therapeutic applications. Much of the existing research has been conducted on animals.

Therefore, it's exciting to see positive results in a new study on CBD and pain relief in human volunteers. The researchers also wanted to examine the placebo effect.

Many people question whether CBD has true pharmacological benefit or only placebo effects. The placebo effect happens when someone believes they're taking a helpful medication. Their symptoms may improve, even if the medication itself is inactive.

However, in this first-of-a-kind study, CBD made pain feel less unpleasant. The researchers used sophisticated equipment to cause heat pain and measured how the volunteers' nervous systems reacted. They then administered either active CBD or an inactive placebo and observed the changes.

To further test the placebo effect, the researchers gave the volunteers different information about the treatment. For example, telling those that received CBD that they received a placebo and vice versa. This allowed the researchers to determine if CBD relieved pain or if it was purely an expectation.

After taking various measurements, they determined that CBD had a true pharmacological action. It’s also had a placebo effect. Therefore, further research is necessary to understand how CBD could impact pain.

CBD benefits for menopause

Menopause is a naturally occurring transition in women between ages 45 and 55. Declining hormone levels can cause various undesirable physical and emotional symptoms.

Doctors typically prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help. However, research from 2021 shows these medications may increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

It seems that CBD may be a better and safer option for menopausal women. An animal study published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology noted that CBD could relieve symptoms of estrogen deficiency.

In the research, scientists used two groups of estrogen-deficient mice. One group was fed a diet containing CBD, while the other received the same diet, minus CBD. They found that the mice not receiving CBD treatment developed symptoms similar to postmenopausal human females. These included metabolic dysfunction, inflammation, lower bone density, and disturbed beneficial gut bacteria.

Conversely, the CBD-treated mice had improved blood sugar tolerance and energy metabolism. They also had reduced intestinal inflammation and improvements in bone mineral density.

The results suggest that CBD positively impacts the immune system and gut microbiota and could offer protection against some of the impact of menopause.

CBD for mental health

Mental health issues can be as debilitating as any physical ailment. Unfortunately, problems such as anxiety and depression are all too common in our fast-paced society. Doctors often turn to pharmaceutical drugs to treat these conditions, but they come with a host of undesirable side effects.

CBD has shown promise as a treatment for mental health issues with fewer side effects. Real-world evidence from medical cannabis clinics suggests that CBD-rich treatment has a positive impact on anxiety and depression. It also eased pain and increased overall well-being.

Interestingly, CBD may be an option for individuals who fail to respond to standard treatments. In a trial of 31 volunteers with anxiety disorder, participants received CBD for 12 weeks. The participants had received previous treatment with cognitive-behavioral therapy, antidepressant medications, or both, with no improvement in symptoms.

The participants' depressive symptoms and functioning improved significantly after the CBD intervention. In addition, the authors noted that CBD was safe and could reduce anxiety severity in people with treatment-resistant anxiety disorders.

The need for further research on the CBD benefits

These studies pave the way for CBD and hemp compounds as potential treatments for various conditions. However, more research is needed to understand how CBD works and to determine the most effective dosage and delivery method.

As hemp-derived medicine becomes more mainstream, it's important to remember that not all products are created equal. If you're interested in trying organic hemp extract, always buy from a reputable organic brand that prides itself on quality and transparency, like Nesas Hemp.

Research highlights many CBD benefits for pain, anxiety, menopause, and other health conditions. Read more in the latest blog post from Nesas Hemp.

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