Updated on November 13, 2020

Hemp Extract for Athletes

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CBD Oil For Athletes

Hemp Extract for Athletes

Hemp Extract for Athletes

Why Quality is Critical

By now, many are familiar with the mega benefits that CBD and CBDa offer, especially to athletes, but the industry is still very new and not well regulated. There are many hemp and CBD “products” and “oils” out there that are full of ingredients you don’t want or need while being much too light on the ingredients you do want. Take a moment to consider the market before jumping on the first discount hemp oil ad you come across. Depending on the quality & purity of the product you choose, you may be ingesting higher levels of THC, which can affect your athletic career, and you may even be ingesting prescription compounds that can be toxic & even fatal in unregulated amounts.

What’s the THC content of your hemp extract?

Hemp extract is naturally low in THC, but different plant classes, qualities, and extraction methods can lead to widely varying THC levels in hemp products. By law, CBD hemp extract must contain less than .3% THC, some of which might be blocked from interacting with your endocannabinoid system by the higher levels of CBD present. The vast majority of full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted using industrial processes that convert THCa into THC, which artificially raises THC levels in the finished product. Nesa’s Beyond Organic Hemp Oil uses a unique living extraction process that naturally keeps THC levels low and still delivers full-full spectrum Entourage Effect benefits. Choosing a high-quality manufacturer of hemp extract (which you can verify by checking the Certificate of Analysis) will ensure that the THC content is appropriate.

Disclosed and Undisclosed Additives

Disclosed Additives

Athletes are typically careful and deliberate about what they put in their bodies.
When you’re working hard to maintain peak fitness, you’re not very willing to sacrifice your health to low-quality products that are over-processed and ineffective.
Most cheap CBD oils contain flavors and other additives that aren’t necessary and don’t belong in your CBD oil. If you’re going to pay for high-quality oil, don’t weaken or tarnish it by adding unnecessary artificial flavors and additives.

Dextromethorphan (DXM)

Cough syrup. More accurately, the stuff in cough syrup that makes you feel drowsy, foggy, and even high if you stay awake. Dextromethorphan is not naturally found in hemp, marijuana, or any of their extracts, but it has been found in CBD oils from popular manufacturers. When asked about the DXM content of their products, these manufacturers claimed they simply needed better quality control. Whether or not you know you’re taking it, prolonged DXM abuse can cause impaired motor function, numbness, unpredictable psychological effects including hallucinations and dissociative episodes, nausea and vomiting, hypertension, fever, acid buildup, agitation, and cognitive deterioration.


This is a type of synthetic cannabinoid that experienced a burst of popularity in the past decade, followed by the fast realization that synthetic cannabis is addictive, dangerous, and potentially lethal. This compound, along with many other compounds that are continuously altered to circumvent legislation, is manufactured in Asia with no regulation and have now been found in multiple samples of a popular CBD oil.

Cannabinoid Content

When you buy a cannabis extract, you typically expect the main constituent to be cannabinoids. When tested by a third party, one manufacturer was found to be selling a product comprising mostly melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. CBD was present in the product, but only as a minor ingredient. High-quality manufacturers will maintain third-party testing of their product, which should be posted for public inspection on their website or for individual consumers as a package insert, email, etc. Nesa’s Hemp When you receive your order from Nesa’s Hemp, you’ll be given a batch number for your particular bottle of hemp extract. Go to NesasHemp.com to find your batch number and view third-party lab results with the exact levels of THC, CBD, CBDa, and more present in your bottle. There are no additives, no tricks, and no nasty side effects. Just pure, full full spectrum hemp extract for complete athletic recovery support.

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