Updated on July 17, 2020

How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

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How CBD Can Benefit Athletes?

How CBD Can Benefit Athletes - Athleticism requires more than just being active and practicing sports every day. Most athletes use a variety of tools to enhance their performance and athleticism outside of daily training. They use protein shakes, eat the right foods, consume supplements, do a lot of muscle stretching, and use chiropractors frequently so they can maintain their health, and perform better. Overall well-being is crucial for athletes. 

Athletes also put a lot of stress on their bodies as they participate in intense exercise constantly. As a result, many experience exercise-related stress and other problems.

More and more athletes are using CBD/Hemp products for better performance and health management. This is especially true beginning in 2018 when both the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) removed CBD from the prohibited substances list. Unlike THC, CBD, and hemp oil extract don’t produce a psychoactive reaction and are permitted for use by athletes. 

The hemp oil extract is different than CBD oil. CBD oil contains only one compound, which is CBD and is overly-processed in order to extract that one compound. On the other hand, hemp extract contains many crucial hemp compounds that work together with CBD (called the “entourage effect”), which multiply the effect of CBD and also are beneficial to our bodies in their own ways. Like most types of CBD oil, hemp extract or hemp oil contains a trace amount of THC, which is always below the legal limit of 0.03%.

How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

There are many ways of consuming CBD (and ideally, the other beneficial compounds found in hemp, including CBG, CBC, CBA, terpenes, and phytonutrients.) It can be taken as oil, capsules, lotion, cream, and edibles.

CBD and hemp extract were previously used as nutritional supplements, but athletes increasingly have been using them for enhanced performance, faster recovery, better muscle function, sleep quality, and many other reasons.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Athletes. 

  1. Hemp oil promotes athletic recovery.  

Using hemp oil as a tincture or lotion can help alleviate discomfort during recovery. The discomfort relieving effect of CBD and other compounds may also help in speeding up the recovery process, especially when taken as a tincture.

Hemp Oil Reduces Aches

  1.  After intense competition or practice, the body can experience discomfort. Some studies have indicated that hemp oil can reduce the intensity of exercise-induced aches.
  2. Hemp oil supports healthy, restful sleep.

Sleep is vital for athletic performance. During sleep, bones and muscles recover from the strain athletes put on them during competition and practice. So, to perform well, sleep is crucial. Better sleep quality results in improved reaction time decreased injury risk and higher energy levels. Hemp oil is known for supporting sleep quality, and it calms the nervous system and relaxes the body without creating any psychoactive effects. It even helps to reduce stress, so the benefits of rest and sleep are fully realized.

How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

Athletes will often experience stress before competitions or even afterward. Stress can also result from every-day life situations. In either case, hemp oil can help reduce stress in the body and calm the mind calm so the athlete can compete at his/her highest level.

If you are an athlete who takes good care of your body, you should know that Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract is a certified organic product that is free of chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals. It is naturally produced through a unique process that yields the highest naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients.

As an athlete who takes good care of your body, you should know that Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract is a certified organic product that is free of chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals.  It is naturally produced through a unique process that yields the highest naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients.  We hope the information about How CBD Can Benefit Athletes helped you. 

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