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February 26, 2021

The Exercise Hack Known As Hemp


If it’s time to make some meaningful change in your life, then dust off your running shoes and recharge your Fitbit!

And now you can add CBD products to your exercise routine, getting even more out of that healthy resolution you’ve made, and possibly even helping you to better stick with it long term. 

Studies reveal that those who use CBD products in conjunction with exercise report that it increases their enjoyment of, recovery from, and to some extent motivation to engage in, exercise. (1)

These factors positively correlate with healthy exercise habits, which is great news for those who aren’t athletically inclined. Just as exercise is many people’s cure for many things, it’s easier for a lot of people to just stay on the sofa, even if they know that isn’t what’s best for them in the long run. 

So, the ambitious and adventurous couch potatoes among us want to know: “will CBD help my exercise mojo?” 

After years in the spotlight for other things - CBD is becoming an exercise hack. The inside scoop is that CBD is fittingly effective for a lift in athletic performance. (1)

A Healthy Edge On Competition 

Quite correctly, athletes want to know what’s going into their bodies. This is for optimal physical performance, for safety and legal issues, and of course to get a competitive edge. (2,5)

Many now know the dangers of certain supplements and drugs, so they are seeking natural and healthy alternatives. In recent years this has brought cannabis products into the spotlight. (2) Here are just a few of the sporting reasons:

  • CBD supports healthy cells, letting athletes recover faster, and allowing them to adapt to more difficult workouts as training goes on. (3)
  • Cannabinoids play an important role in regulating the immune system, keeping bodies running at their best. (5)
  • CBD compounds help to ease discomfort, by sending the correct messages to the brain and helping “calm down” those overactive, or “excited” nerves that are the cause of chronic discomfort. (4)
  • Cannabis can help the mind to more easily get into a flow state. The therapeutic potential can help reduce anxiety before a competitive sport event as well. (6)
  • For safety, cannabis denotes a lesser potential for abuse and has a lower dependency risk than drugs or supplements previously used for sport. (1)
  • Side-effects are minimal if a superior product is used. Safe choices through CBD products are now widely available. (9,10)

Clever CBD Choices

Cannabis consumers are doing their homework. People are educating themselves in order to buy with confidence. To keep training on the right track, CBDa is the popular choice ingredient. (2)

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the components of cannabis products that most people are familiar with. THC is what produces the “high”, although it also has therapeutic applications. CBD, on the other hand, produces no “high,” and has its separate benefits. There are more than a hundred other compounds in the cannabis plant and one of these is cannabidiolic acid, also known as CBDa. (9)

CBDa is a groundbreaking ingredient from nature itself. It is the active part of CBD that hasn't been heated, so it is still bioactive - making it 100 times more effective! 

If you think about the general things that CBD does, you can correctly assume that CBDa can do it better. 

CBDa can also be used to reduce nausea and anxiety, perfect for endurance or for those attending tough sporting competitions and events. (9,10)

The Right Buzz

It’s imperative to source all cannabis products from a reputable manufacturer who won’t cut corners in production. It should be easy to obtain testing certification for the products you purchase. Production of your CBDa is vital. From glass bottles, to every step during manufacture, each ingredient should be meticulously protected to ensure the hemp plants’ valuable health benefits aren't depleted. (8)

Find manufacturers with strict standards who will:

  1. During the harvesting process choose the best soil, with no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides used in cultivation.
  2. Use natural pressed technologies, with no chemicals used in extraction processes.
  3. Use no harsh artificial flavors, colorants, or synthetic fillers in manufacture.
  4. Test rigorously for heavy metals and toxins. (8)

How To Use CBD For Exercise

CBD is taken in many forms, including ingestion, inhalation, and application to the skin. Edibles, tablets, concentrates, flowers, or topicals are some of the different types of CBD. It may take some time to adjust the dosage to what your body requires, so for any of the above, start small and increase the dosage when needed. (11)

For post-workout recovery, CBD should be taken immediately after working out. This should be taken in the form of ingestion. (11)

Tinctures can also be used topically, and that’s as simple as putting the solution from the dropper directly onto the skin and rubbing it in. 

The easiest way to use CBD for exercise is to buy a hemp extract. CBDa is typically sold as a tincture and should be stored in a UV-proof bottle.

Nesas Hemp Oil is consumed orally. Beyond organic, this extract is nutrient-rich, raw, and scientifically perfected to work at the cellular level, filling in the gaps that are specific to each user’s body and needs. It’s a pure hemp extract, ready for complete athletic recovery support. (8)

Cannabis Clientele

The list of cannabis clientele may be endless. From ballerinas with sore feet, skiers aching after the slopes, cyclists with myofascial tightness, or runners with knee soreness - anyone who moves can benefit.

There will always be new directions in exercise; the training, the technology, and yes, the trends. 

With exercise, the intention is to realize a benefit for the body and mind. Expanding on this body/mind idea to include reaching our highest potential with CBDa, maybe it’s time to give it a whirl! (1)


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