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July 24, 2020

Why Organic Hemp Oil?


Why Organic Hemp Oil? Organic Hemp Oil

Why Organic Hemp Oil?

As the hemp industry grows larger, more types of hemp oil and CBD oil appear. In this market, you can choose anything from a single CBD isolate oil to a complete full spectrum living hemp oil containing all cannabinoids beneficial to human health. As the industry grows larger, the misinformation grows larger as well.

While searching for the product that fits you the best, you will also come across organic and non-organic hemp oil or hemp extract options. Even though the majority of the industry today sells non-organic hemp oil products, more and more organic hemp oil products are becoming available. Organic hemp oil is more expensive than regular hemp oil. But is it better for you? The answer is, "yes!" 

Organic Hemp Oil

Organic hemp oil is much higher quality and a cleaner product with more health benefits than conventional non-organic hemp oil. As the hemp plant grows organically, it doesn't absorb any pesticides and chemicals. This leads to a higher nutritional value in the plant (and oil), much higher effectiveness, fewer toxins (that are transmitted to our body after using the oil), and no contamination that can cause health problems. These are all important aspects of organically grown hemp. 

There are many differences between organic hemp oil and non-organic, starting with the seed and ending with the method of extraction and bottling. 

Organic hemp oil starts with organic hemp seed and organic soil. Soil is a very important factor in determining the nutritional value of a hemp plant. Organic soil contains organic matter that is rich in many nutrients and minerals. The scientific definition of organic soil is "Of, relating to, or derived from living matter." Organic soil consists of decaying plant material, microorganisms, worms, and many other living things. Unlike organically grown hemp, conventionally grown hemp uses fertilizer at the beginning of the growing cycle. 

Organically grown and extracted hemp includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids that have never been compromised with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other chemical additives.

Certified organic hemp starts much cleaner from the moment it is grown in the soil and is an important assurance to the customers that the hemp oil produced follows strict government guidelines.

  • CBD products that are certified organic are held to much higher standards than conventional productsOrganic Hemp Oil
  • According to USDA, "organic" starts in the field and soil. The soil cannot have any organic-prohibited substances applied for three years before growing
  • Organic hemp farmers cannot use pesticides when growing, and no synthetic additives can be added to enhance growth
  • The soil must be maintained through organic and naturally sourced fertilizers (if any), crop rotations, and natural ground tilling
  • According to USDA guidelines, genetic engineering is strictly prohibited, and organic hemp cannot come from genetically modified seeds
  • Organic crops must be kept separated from non-organic crops to avoid cross-contamination

In the genetically modified world, we live in, it's important to give something more natural to our bodies. Something that hasn't interacted with any chemicals and pesticides.

All chemicals and pesticides used to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables today contain toxins that are later transported to our body through food, which can contaminate and inflame our bodies and lead to health problems. 

Organic is not just a certification. It's an assurance that the product has received a much higher degree of care throughout its lifecycle and has met a very specific list of requirements that enhance the benefits of the product while reducing the dangers we face from conventional production methods. 

If you have thought about buying organic hemp oil, consider Nesas Hemp. Nesas Hemp is grown using the most holistic approach with no pesticides, no chemicals, and no additives.

The CEO of Nesas Hemp is passionate about using living soil to provide the most nutritional value to the plant possible. Nesas Hemp is grown under strict supervision with love and care following all Oregon Tilth and USDA Organic standards. For more information, please contact us today.

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