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Hemp Oil - Immune System

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Hemp Oil - Immune System

Hemp Oil - Immune System

Prepare your immune system to combat the wrath of COVID-19

Can you improve your immune system to combat the wrath of COVID-19? This question is hovering on everyone’s mind as the world faces the pandemic crisis. So far, COVID-19 is considered novel as very little is known about the prevention and management of damage caused by a coronavirus.


More than ever before, people are in a deep quest for ways to improve their immune system.

The world is getting scarier with each passing moment driven by uncertainties brought by COVID-19, people are turning to the positive benefits of Hemp Oil and CBD.

The immune system has become a common catchword, but many still are unaware of its importance. It is our body’s immune system that keeps us hale and hearty when the body comes in contact with harmful diseases, bacteria, infections, and viruses. While our body is composed of several cells, tissues, organs, bones, and muscles, the most important element is WBCs, White Blood Cells.

When the body senses any sort of unwanted harmful foreign particles, it sends WBCs to combat them. Thus, making them vital in providing the ability to fight off every infection/infection that may come our way.
However, there exists another element that helps in sustaining a human body’s natural balance, working alongside the immune system to keep us hale and hearty.

The endocannabinoid system, also known as homeostasis, helps in maintaining the body’s essential balance in terms of body temperature, pH, and BP within the normal range. The system has many natural receptors, most importantly CB1 and CB2, that helps in maintaining that balance. The latter receptor has a direct connection with immunity when triggered, CB2 receptors can bring the body back in working order. The endocannabinoid system helps CB2 receptors to migrate to the targeted area. Once there, these bind to invading antigen and create antibodies, which helps the body to fight off the infections.

How hemp oil can help improve immune system?

Regularly taking a CBD supplement such as Hemp Oil can help boost the immune system, however, not in the most obvious way. You can take it, and, in a minute, you are illness-free, don’t work that way.

  • Hemp oil helps stimulate the endocannabinoid system naturally, which implies the body is more prone to rebalance and revert to its natural state quickly. The immunosuppressant properties of oil lead to a reduction in fever, pain, and inflammations that often come packed with virus borne infections.
  • The oil intake helps us stay comfortable even when our body is under attack all kinds of harmful germs.
  • Hemp oil and CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping isolate the infected areas and preventing the toxins from spreading to other parts of the body. Also, it promotes apoptosis thus eliminating the damaged or the infected cells.
  • This keeps the infection localized and wards-off from spreading to other parts of the body. CBD supplements like Hemp Oil can modulate function and secretion of cytokines. Learn more about CBD Oil vs. Hempseed Oil

Please be advised that you cannot observe results overnight, these benefits are only achieved with regular use of the CBD supplements, like Hemp Oil.

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