Updated on March 11, 2021

10 Simple Ways To Reconnect With Nature

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Living in modern society has its benefits, certainly. Technology connects us to our friends and family no matter how far apart we are. We can travel from one end of the world to another in the span of a day. Even shopping online connects us to food, clothing, and entertainment with a push of a button. Life is good in many ways. However, we may pay a pretty steep price for these conveniences. Some say we are losing our connection with the earth itself. But the great news is that the planet offers endless benefits to our health and wellness if we only seek to reconnect with nature. (1)

You don’t have to break completely away from modern society to reap the benefits that experiencing the outdoors has to offer. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. Whether you’re already near big skies, or mostly among skyscrapers, taking small steps can make a big difference. Try to bring some balance into your life by reconnecting to nature in a healthy and positive way. How? Here are some ideas:

Reconnect with Nature’s Soul Through Meditation 

Regardless of whether you practice indoors or outdoors, meditation boasts many healthy and restorative effects. It helps us focus, improves memory and learning, and studies show that meditation helps reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Forest bathing, which is a walking meditation in the forest, can be incredibly beneficial. But even if you can’t find a quiet meditation forest, you can still practice meditation indoors and see dramatic improvements. To truly boost the experience, use Nesas beyond organic CBDa extract. Nesas hemp is bioactive, which is as pure and close to nature as you can get without harvesting the plant yourself. CBDa and meditation work well together, and combining them can help connect us to nature’s soul. (1, 2)

Create a Nature Sanctuary

If you don’t have a forest to bathe in, you may be able to create your own nature sanctuary wherever you live. Gardens provide serious health benefits and not just vegetable gardens. Tending to a garden is a meditative act, helping clear our minds and reconnect with nature in our own backyard. You don’t need an enormous amount of veggies to harvest the pay-off either. Flowers brighten your day and attract pollinators to the area. Small containers with fresh herbs provide a great green boost. Whether you have a hobby farm, or a balcony, or just a sunny spot in your window, your sacred nature sanctuary will help you relax, focus, and breathe deep. (1)

Exercise Outdoors

Exercise has often been equated to taking antidepressants and medication to help us focus. But here’s the real kicker: it seems exercising outdoors amplifies those benefits by a factor of two. We take in more oxygen, release more serotonin (a happiness hormone), and relax the mind even more than regular indoor exercise. It also helps exercise feel less strenuous when performed in the great outdoors. So, whether you are walking your dog, taking a quick sprint in the park during your lunch break, or hiking in a natural forest, this simple activity is a must-try for anyone wanting to improve their well-being. (3)

Connect Your Healthy Habits to Conservation

Your connection with nature can help you, and help the planet too! Many healthy habits can connect to conservation efforts in profound and simple ways. Help protect sea turtles by eliminating plastic from your life. Choosing foods that are locally produced, not wrapped in plastic, and sustainably sourced is healthier for us, and better for the environment too. Creating a positive feedback loop where we feel good about our habits and the connection to the whole planet is a win/win. Small acts can make a huge difference, and we can do them anytime, anywhere. (4)

Visit Somewhere that Reconnects you to Nature 

You don’t have to book a grand adventure to a far-off land to experience nature at its finest. Many opportunities exist right in your neighborhood and community. Visiting a nature center, museum, or zoological or botanical park allows us the opportunity to learn about wildlife and nature, appreciate it more, and learn how we can help protect it. Studies show there are health benefits to these outings as well. We engage our brains and bodies while exploring and moving, and engage our community at the same time. So, plan a fun leisure day with the family, and you just may find a healthier, happier you as well. (5)

Give Back to Nature 

Want to make a difference in your community while helping yourself? Those who volunteer their time, especially in nature-focused activities, stay physically and mentally active and increase their sense of purpose. You could volunteer your time cleaning a park, planting trees, tending a community garden, as a docent at your local museum, the list goes on and on. Changing up your routine while staying connected to the wonders of nature is another way to help you, the community, and help nature grow in our hectic lives. (1,6)

Explore the Power Within You 

Need to go to the store? If you want to take the extra step and reconnect with nature, use your own power instead of driving. Try riding your bike, skateboarding, or walking to your destination. Improve your cardiovascular health while experiencing the benefits of being outside, and have a better impact on the environment. Using self-propelled transportation saves money and energy, and makes us feel good too. Being outdoors releases serotonin and improves our fitness levels. It’s literally more power to you. (3,4)

Reconnect with Natural Cycles 

Hundreds of years ago, our rhythms were tied to the sun’s: we woke and went to bed when the sun rose and set. Modern society may have strayed a bit from this, but it’s an easy habit to get into and improve our well-being at the same time. When you wake up, you’ll want to make sure to get sunlight in your eyes. You don’t have to stare at the sun, but getting natural light to them upon waking helps improve our personal circadian rhythms. We sleep better, and this simple act even helps regulate women's monthly cycles. The same goes for going to bed. Watching the sunset helps inform our brain it is soon resting time. Adjusting your sleep cycle is an easy way to reconnect with nature and create healthy rhythms and cycles in your life. (1,7)

Become a Locavore 

Nature has a wonderful way of producing exactly what our bodies need throughout the seasons. However, with the convenience of food shipped from all over the world, it’s possible to feel a little disconnected from the way we fuel our bodies. Become a locavore and improve your health, support your community, and promote a healthier planet as well. Locavores eat as locally and sustainably as possible. Visit your farmers market, eat food seasonally and locally produced, forage your area for foods in season. Pick berries in the summer and grow some food on your own. Eat your way to a better community, and better health. (8)

Experience Nature with All Your Senses 

Use all your senses to appreciate the outdoors. Science shows how grounding it is (literally), to touch nature with our bare skin. Walk barefoot on grass or sand, hug a tree, or dig into the earth with your hands. Listen to the birds, and watch insects crawl across their giant universe of grass. Use scent and taste to experience it as well. Nesas hemp extract is perfect with its earthy taste and pure blend to reconnect with your inner nature lover. (1)

Connect to Nature in a Healthy and Positive Way

We don’t have to remove every luxury and modern object from our lives in order to reconnect to nature. For everyone, there is a balance to be found. Just try to find easy ways that hold meaning for you, and practice experiencing nature in your daily activities. Connect with nature, connect with yourself. 

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