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Updated on January 30, 2024

CBD for Menstrual Cramp

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Key takeaways

  • Cannabis whole plant extracts were used by the ancient Egyptians, Romans and the Chinese for menstrual cramps.
  • Queen Victoria was reported to have used CBD for menstrual cramps.
  • CBD ease menstrual cramps by providing pain relief, reducing inflammation and promoting relieving muscle spasms.

Using CBD for menstrual is as old as the plant itself. History shows that people in the Roman, Egyptian and Ancient Chinese empires used cannabis whole plant extracts for menstrual cramps. It was even reported that Queen Victoria used cannabis for her period cramps. Although we don’t know the different cannabinoids present in the whole plant extracts, it was a clear indication compounds in the cannabis plant could hold potential effects on menstrual cramps. In this article, we would focus on answering important questions on CBD for menstrual cramps.

How can CBD ease menstrual cramps?

CBD helps with period pain in two ways. First, it has anti-inflammatory powers that can calm down the inflammation causing those cramps. Second, CBD talks to the body's endocannabinoid system, which helps turn down the volume on pain signals. So, it's like a friend telling your body, "Hey, let's not make those cramps too intense." Together, these effects can make dealing with period cramps a bit easier.

CBD may also calm down the redness and soreness causing those cramps. It's also a secret code talker with your body, helping to turn down the pain signals.

CBD also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which often tag along with period pain. So, while it's tackling the muscle cramps, it's also giving your mood a little boost by calming those stress vibes.

CBD is like a sleep fairy. It might make your sleep better, helping you snooze more peacefully during your period. Why does this matter? Well, good sleep can be a game-changer for managing pain. And the best part? CBD is usually pretty cool with your body, causing fewer side effects than some other pain meds. So, it's like having a buddy that's gentle and effective at the same time!

How to Use CBD for menstrual cramps?

CBD products like CBD oil and creams can exert potential effects on menstrual cramps. You can either choose to swallow the CBD oil or rub the oils on your lower belly where it hurts. Make sure you use the right dosage for your body type because our body chemistry may differ. To get the right dosage we suggest you start small and go slow. You can start with as low as 25mg and then increase the concentration until you observe the best effect. Smoking or vaping CBD may not offer a good relief to people dealing with menstrual cramps.

There are also scientific reports on the roles of CBD-infused tampons for menstrual cramps. In the report it was discovered CBD-infused tampons reduced menstrual cramps in users.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best CBD product for menstrual cramps?

The best CBD product for menstrual cramps must come from a verified source, tested by a third-party lab and must contain zero additives. Feel free to check our list of CBD oils on Nesas hemp for the one of the best results.

Can you take pain medications and CBD?

It is not advisable to combine pain medications with CBD since they can undergo drug-drug interaction. This can lead to adverse side effects like overdosing and reduced effect of both medications.

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