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Is CBD Oil Use While Pregnant Safe?

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Being pregnant is one of the most physically turbulent times in a person’s life. It can be a season full of added stress, nausea, aching discomfort, and difficulty sleeping. Being pregnant is something that happens to many people, but it’s still a challenging thing to go through, and most pregnant people are looking for all the help they can get. 

Generally speaking, there aren’t any easy solutions to the physical a\nd mental discomfort that comes along with pregnancy. It’s a long season full of countless ups and downs and can be very taxing on a person’s psychological and physical well-being. 

While it’s always worth it in the end, it is still tough to get all the way through. One modern solution for a lot of ailments, including physical and mental discomfort, is CBD Oil. It is commonly known as a solution that helps with a lot of the general symptoms of pregnancy; stress, nausea, and ongoing discomfort are things that people often try to solve with CBD Oil

But the question remains; is CBD Oil safe to use while pregnant? It’s a fairly new solution to problems like these, so it’s good to be sure that using it won’t be dangerous for the parent or the child. Read on to find both the long and short answers regarding the safety of CBD Oil during pregnancy. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the hottest new products on the market regarding natural solutions to health problems. Even though it has been technically in use for thousands of years, it’s still relatively new to the modern world of medicine and medical remedies. 

CBD comes from Cannabis plants, which are notorious for making a wide variety of products, including hemp and marijuana, each with its own level of legality.

CBD, however, comes from the hemp plant variety, which is designated to be lower in THC than marijuana plants. THC is the chemical in Cannabis plants that most people associate with producing the feelings of being “high.” At the same time, CBD naturally has a much smaller and less apparent psychoactive effect on people’s minds. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical that is used to help people feel more relaxed, comfortable, and healthier, without as many of the potential side effects as standard THC-infused Cannabis products. It’s an incredibly effective way to treat many ailments without causing adverse side effects in people. 

CBD Oil is a product that is created with CBD inside of it. It is typically consumed through the mouth or inside of the food, and it essentially provides people with all of the benefits of CBD in a very easy to consume and safe way. 

There are other ways to consume CBD, including pills, creams, or gummies, but CBD Oil is typically one of the easiest and most versatile ways. 

Is CBD Oil Legal?

One question that often comes up when CBD is discussed is its legality. There are many social and historical associations with products from Cannabis plants, and many people aren’t familiar with new updates to their legality over the past decades. 

The biggest distinction between legal Cannabis plants is the amount of THC they have in them. 

Marijuana is slowly becoming more and more legalized throughout the United States and is becoming more accepted as a standard and fully legal product for people over 21. However, many states have not legalized marijuana yet. So be sure to do your research when looking for Marijuana or any THC-based product. 

However, CBD and its product derivatives are not THC-based and almost always will contain virtually no THC. Due to that, the federal government and the FDA have legalized CBD collected from Hemp plants, which are Cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC content. 

These products are fully legal everywhere throughout the United States of America. If you’re looking for CBD Oil, you should be able to find it almost anywhere, including online stores like Nesas Hemp

Is Using CBD Oil During Pregnancy Safe?

While there are benefits to using CBD Oil amid seasons of increased physical and mental discomfort, many risks come with it. Due to the relatively recent introduction of CBD-based products into the modern market for remedies, there has not been as much research done on CBD compared to other remedies and products. 

Generally speaking, it is probably a good idea to refrain from using CBD Oil when pregnant. 

A lot of this comes from preliminary research. There has not been overly extensive research on the topic, and it’s still definitely something that has to be fleshed out before a solidified answer is given. However, early research generally points in the direction of CBD Oil not being safe in the context of pregnancy. 

What Are The Risks Of Using CBD Oil When Pregnant?

While the actual extensive effects of using CBD Oil when pregnant are not fully understood or studied, a few things have been observed in the limited studies that have been done. 

While these studies are not yet set in stone as established results, they are still essential to consider before looking at using CBD Oil during pregnancy. 

Potential Danger For Infants

In animal testing, some results point to male reproductive systems suffering harm due to high levels of CBD when pregnant. This can be a massive problem for the life of a developing fetus and can lead to large long-term and short-term issues. 

Another area of concern is that CBD has been found to transfer through breast milk, which means that CBD can affect infants and young children even after birth. It’s essential to be wary of these effects and try to mitigate their causes when using CBD and CBDa products. 

Some CBD Products May Have Dangerous Substances For Children

Another potential risk is that CBD products may have potential contaminants and other harmful substances inside of them. Many low-grade CBD products and oils are produced to low standards and can contain a myriad of unhealthy and harsh chemicals inside them. 

That’s part of why Nesas Hemp’s CBDa Oil is so essential. It is produced most naturally and healthily, leaving very little room for these harsh and dangerous chemicals to appear. 

Nesas CBDa Oil has proven to be one of the world’s safest and most effective CBD products and the most effective at treating problems without causing new ones. 

Potentially Dangerous Interactions With Other Drugs

Something shown in many tests is that CBD tends to compound and interact strangely with other medications and remedies. If someone is already taking one medication, there is a chance that CBD will interact with it in a way that is unhelpful and potentially dangerous. 

No matter your life situation, always do your research on whether or not it is safe to take CBD with the medications you are currently taking. 

Many people in pregnancy are typically taking a large amount of medications to help with their health. Taking CBD oil has the potential to interact with those added medications negatively. Always do research ahead of time when combining different medicines, just to be safe. 

Why Nesas Hemp is Different

Currently, there is a wide variety of CBD and Hemp based products on the market. Out of those products, there is a wide range in the quality of the CBD available. While there are some higher-end products on the market, some products and oils are even potentially dangerous. 

That’s why Nesas Hemp set out to be different from the rest of the products on the market. Instead of using regular CBD, our founder set out to find the best in the world. That’s why Nesas uses CBDa instead of regular CBD; it’s safer, more effective, and contains more beneficial effects of Cannabis plants on the human body. 

At Nesas Hemp, our CBDa raises the standard for what CBD can be and what it should be. Our goal is to help provide balance, stability, and genuine help to the world through high-quality CBDa. 

If you’re looking for new ways to increase your own quality of life no matter what season you’re in, look to Nesas Hemp to get you started. Check out how we are different on our website, and start changing your own life for the better today! 

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