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Charlotte's Web Alternative

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Key takeaways

  • No two CBD products are created equally.
  • Charlotte’s Web was made popular by Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet syndrome who had positive response to their CBD products.
  • Common alternatives to Charlotte’ Web include CBDistillery, Nesas Hemp, Medterra, Joy organics, and Green Roads.
  • CBDa is 1000 times more active than CBD.
  • Hemp acts like a sponge that sucks up everything from the soil including pesticides and heavy metals.
  • High-quality CBD products should be tested by an ISO/IEC or DEA verified third-party lab.

Charlotte's Web is a leading brand in the CBD industry, founded by the Stanley Brothers in 2013. The brand gained prominence due to its association with Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet syndrome, whose positive response to their CBD products brought attention to the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD. Over the years, Charlotte’s Web has grew into one of the most popular CBD brands by offering diverse range of CBD products, including CBD oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, and pet products.

As the CBD industry continue to grow, it will interest you to note that there are other CBD brands that offer similar products like Charlotte’s Web with a wide range of tested products too. While they may not be as popular as Charlotte’s web the CBD companies on our list have shown a great deal of commitment in ensuring product quality and customer safety. Here are some of the Charlotte’s Web alternatives you can try out.

Common alternatives to Charlotte’s Web

  1. CBDistillery:

CBDistillery is a reputable company based in Colorado, founded in 2016. They aim to make high-quality CBD products accessible to everyone at affordable prices. The hemp they use is sourced from non-GMO industrial hemp farms in the United States, grown without pesticides. They offer a variety of CBD products, including oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, and powders. These products come in different concentrations, giving consumers options based on their preferences and needs.

Transparency is a key focus for CBDistillery. All their products undergo third-party testing, and you can find Certificates of Analysis (COA) on their website, providing details about the cannabinoid profile and purity of the products.

  1. Nesas Hemp

Nesas Hemp was created by Inesa Ponomariovaite, a visionary who is on a mission to change the world! Nesas Hemp stands out among CBD companies on this list by placing a strong emphasis on product quality rather than quantity. They specialize in offering a diverse selection of CBDa products, with a particular focus on full-spectrum Organic CBDa oils. In contrast to many others, Nesas Hemp prioritizes preserving cannabinoid acids, maintaining the natural state of most compounds.

Setting itself apart further, the company adopts a zero-tolerance policy for pesticides, additives, and any form of contaminants. To ensure the utmost quality, all Nesas Hemp products undergo meticulous testing, scrutinizing them at the parts-per-billion level. This commitment underscores their dedication to delivering premium and untainted CBD products.

  1. Medterra

Medterra, established in 2017 and based in Irvine, California, is a CBD company committed to delivering high-quality products with a focus on consistency and accessibility. They source their hemp from Kentucky, USA, known for its nutrient-rich soil, ensuring non-GMO cultivation under the guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Offering a diverse range of CBD products, Medterra provides options such as oils, capsules, topicals, gummies, and pet products. These products are available in various concentrations to cater to different preferences and needs. Notably, Medterra is recognized for its THC-free CBD options, making their products suitable for those looking to avoid THC altogether.

  1. Joy Organics

Established in 2018 by Joy Smith, Joy Organics stands as a leading CBD company with a firm commitment to delivering premium products. Situated in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company prioritizes transparency, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Joy Organics sources its hemp from U.S. farms, particularly in Colorado, renowned for its fertile soil. The organically grown hemp is free from pesticides and GMOs, cultivated under stringent agricultural guidelines.

Offering a comprehensive range, Joy Organics provides various CBD products such as oils, softgels, tinctures, gummies, energy drinks, and topical creams. This diverse selection caters to various preferences and needs, offering different concentrations.

Specializing in broad-spectrum CBD products, Joy Organics retains hemp's beneficial compounds without including THC, allowing users to experience the entourage effect without concerns about psychoactive effects.

  1. Green Roads:

Founded in 2011 by Arby Barroso and Laura Fuentes, Green Roads is a well-established CBD company based in Florida. With a mission to provide accessible and high-quality CBD products, the company has become a prominent name in the industry. Green Roads emphasizes transparency, innovation, and customer satisfaction as key pillars of its operation. The company sources its hemp from licensed farms in Colorado, ensuring quality and adherence to strict agricultural standards.

Offering a diverse product range, Green Roads provides CBD solutions such as oils, capsules, edibles, topicals, and beverages. These products cater to various preferences and needs, with different concentrations available.

One notable aspect of Green Roads is its pharmacist-formulated products. The company collaborates with experienced pharmacists to ensure precision and expertise in crafting its CBD formulations. Green Roads is known for its commitment to quality assurance. All products undergo thorough third-party testing, and Certificates of Analysis (COA) are readily accessible on their website. This transparency allows customers to review detailed information about the cannabinoid profile and purity of each product.

Why we believe Nesas Hemp CBDa products

No two CBD products are alike; each comes with its unique content and therapeutic benefits. One major factor overlooked in the cannabis industry over the years is the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid acids, such as CBDa, CBGa, and CBCa. These compounds represent the original substances secreted by the cannabis plant and offer more benefits than their neutral counterparts like CBD, CBG, and CBC.

As one of the few companies focusing on cannabinoid acids and preserving naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant, Nesas Hemp is on a mission to provide excellent and safe CBDa products. Research indicates that CBDa is 1000 times more active than CBD. For more information on CBDa, you can refer to our previous article on CBDa vs CBD.

If you're encountering our CBDa products for the first time, here are a few mind-blowing facts about Nesas Hemp Organic CBDa full-spectrum oil:

  1. Extracted from Organic Hemp:

Our safety measures begin with the soil. At Nesas Hemp, we believe that contaminated soil will yield highly contaminated CBD products. Hemp acts as a sponge, absorbing everything from the soil, including heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Our organic hemp is grown in safe soils with zero contaminants.

  1. Unique Extraction Process:

CBDa products are rare because many companies don't invest in preserving the hemp plant in its natural state. Most products undergo harsh extraction procedures that convert CBDa into CBD. Our cold extraction process preserves healthy fats, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients, promoting the entourage effect and improved benefits.

  1. Lab Tested by ISO/IEC Verified Labs:

All our products undergo testing by ACS Laboratory, an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory licensed by the DEA. With years of experience in the CBD industry, ACS Laboratory ensures every bottle produced by Nesas Hemp complies with legal and safety guidelines. Each product comes with a unique batch number linked to our COA database, facilitating easy verification of authenticity.

To further ensure safety and quality delivery, Nesas Hemp tests for possible contaminants in parts per billion, a rare practice in the hemp industry.

Frequently asked questions

How can I choose a good CBD product?

To choose a good CBD product, consider factors such as:
Source: Opt for products derived from organically grown hemp.
Third-Party Testing: Ensure the product has been tested by an independent laboratory, with accessible Certificates of Analysis (COA).
Type of CBD: Decide between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate based on your preferences.
Potency: Select a product with a CBD concentration suitable for your needs.
Extraction Method: Prefer products extracted using safe methods like CO2 extraction.
Reviews: Check customer reviews for feedback on effectiveness and quality.
Transparency: Choose brands that provide clear information on sourcing, testing, and production practices.

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