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Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil

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Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract

Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract - What’s the Difference & Why Does it Matter The surge in hemp products come with a surge in hemp-related phrases and terminology. Many are unaware of the complex hemp language and its meaning. This often leads to words being improperly interchanged or the misinterpretation of product labels. Others are intimidated by the wording and instead, choose to avoid or repulse the industry, entirely. We want to add clarity and insight to much of the common-used terminology in efforts to reduce confusion or alarm. To start, we will acknowledge the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil, and hemp oil extract. Most importantly, we will explain why these words should matter to you.

What is Hemp Seed Oil

hemp seed oil Hemp seed oil’s name says it all. It is simply oil derived from hemp seeds. However, the wording can be misleading. Although “hemp” is in the title, this product is deprived of the components that are naturally found in the hemp plant. For example, hemp seed oil contains absolutely no CBD or THC. Instead, it is rich in Vitamin E and fatty oils. The hemp seed oil also has cell supporting properties and is non-comedogenic. Therefore, hemp seed oil has many topical applications. Numerous products like lotions, body butter, and even lip balms list hemp seed oil as a key ingredient. Those who want to support their skin, typically use this product in efforts to naturally restore and soothe their skin. Plus, hemp seed oil, is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants promote overall digestion and gut health. Because of this, it is not uncommon to find hemp seed oil in your everyday foods and drinks, such as salad dressings, hemp milk, and hemp cheeses. Although hemp seed oil lacks the hemp plant’s therapeutic compounds, it continues to be a natural and healthy supplement to anyone’s diet or beauty routine.

What is CBD Oil

Unlike hemp seed oil, CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, stalks, and stems of the hemp plant. Another distinction, CBD Oil contains CBD and THC. However, keep in mind, the product must consist of less than 0.3% of THC to abide by legal guidelines. Aside from that, CBD Oil is highly industrialized. In order to retain the product, it must undergo rigorous extraction methods (e.g. CO2, ethanol, etc.) that involve heavy machinery and chemicals. Unfortunately, this process damages the natural hemp compounds, reducing the quality and potency of the product.

What is Hemp Oil Extract

The term “hemp oil extract” is synonymously used with CBD oil but there is a major difference in the product’s cultivation practices and potential effects. This product is derived from areas of the plant where the cannabinoid levels are the highest and the richest. Hemp oil extract also undergoes a gentler and less invasive extraction method. The most common is through cold-pressing the plant, which, in return, creates a pure and rich product. As a result, many plants are not harmed nor destroyed during extraction. Also, the products are able to retain its potency, and the nutrients and compound originally found in the hemp plant. Meaning, those who consume the product may experience the full effects CBD can have on the body, a concept better known as the entourage effect. Why Does it Matter? Labels say one thing but the ingredients and cultivation methods may say another. By understanding the common terminology when it comes to hemp products, you will better understand how it may affect you. Additionally, as you familiarize yourself with the hemp expressions and language, you will become a more educated buyer. You can better assess your specific needs, whether it be dietary, topical, or whole-body wellness. Then, utilize this information to confidently purchase a product that may satisfy. Know what’s the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil, and hemp oil extract to best reap the benefits you so greatly desire.

The Nesas Hemp Difference

Nesas Hemp Oil Extract is appropriately placed in the hemp oil extract classification. We take pride in our product being organic and natural. Furthermore, our product was cultivated in purity. Our patented extraction process sustains the life of the hemp plant while maintaining the phytonutrients and healing compounds found in the hemp plant.

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