Updated on October 17, 2022

How To Clear Your Mind In 6 Ways

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Having a clear mind in the modern world is honestly a challenging thing to do. There are constantly notifications and instructions on your mind and things that are trying to get your attention. 

When combined, this can make it much more challenging to have a clear and steady mind and can often actually make it harder to think clearly. As good as anyone’s life may be, it’s still straightforward to get overwhelmed by everything sometimes. 

That’s why there are so many people and practices that are focused on clearing your mind. 

Living in the modern world makes it very easy to have a constantly crowded mind and to overflow with obligations, relationships, and priorities that need our constant attention. It can be complicated and stressful to live with, and that’s why learning how to clear your mind is incredibly important. 

Having a clear mind is one of the best things you can give yourself and the best ways to ensure that your life is happy, efficient, and well-lived. If you’re ready to start moving forward towards a simpler and more stress-free life, read on and start using these practices! 

Take A Walk

This is a classic move, and for a good reason. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is just physically move away from the distracting things and crowding up your mind, and take a few minutes to exercise and breathe. 

When going on a walk, consider leaving your phone behind, or at least putting it on airplane mode. Try to remove yourself from the things filling your mind, and start to be more mindful of the present. Enjoy the scenery around you, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the sun. 

It may seem a little disconcerting just to get up and go on a walk, but just taking a little bit of time to be on your own or with one or two other people in a new situation can be incredibly helpful. 

Let go of all of the things that are tying you and your brain down, and start to truly relax and settle your mind. Even just being outside and in the sun can help your body calm down, which will help your mind relax and decompress. 

Journal What’s On Your Mind

Another great way to start to clear your mind is by functionally just getting all of the things you are thinking about away from you and onto a page. It might seem like a struggle to write down and process all of the things you are thinking about, but this practice makes it much easier to handle and assess what’s on your mind. 

This can be a very self-healing process and can open the door to see a lot of your current situations in a new way. Often, the biggest problem with having a crowded mind is that there are so many different things that take up your mental real estate, and it’s hard to identify what they are. 

When you write out all the things you are thinking about, it’s much easier to prioritize well and make decisions that will be continuously beneficial for you. 

There are countless ways that you can do journaling. There’s always the classic and renowned notebook and pen, which is a very intentional and direct way of journaling. However, thanks to the modern miracle of smartphones, many apps can help with journaling on a regular basis. 

Alternatively, just using your stock notes app is a great way to quickly and efficiently document what’s going on in your mind so that you can deal with it better. 

Practice Mindfulness

One of the most popular and historically renowned ways to clear your mind is to practice mindfulness intentionally. 

Mindfulness is fundamentally just about being present in every moment and letting the stresses and concerns of the future and past just drift by you without distracting you. That comes from dealing with problems and tasks one at a time. It can be hard to do, but it is a beneficial way to live your life. 

A lot of people tend to believe that meditation and mindfulness are the same. While they are similar to each other in intention and practice, they are still very different practices. 

Mindfulness is much more focused on living in the present moment and giving everything that you have just to what’s directly in front of you. This means removing distractions and focusing on only what currently needs to be done. 

A lot of mindfulness is found in letting go of smaller things, like checking all of your notifications on your phone, scrolling through social media on the side, or listening to distracting music. True mindfulness is found in moments when you give yourself the freedom to just focus on one thing at a time. It takes discipline and practice, but it’s a highly effective way to clear your mind and truly devote yourself to the things that matter the most and are of highest priority to you. 

Take A Nap

Another classic move for clearing your mind is rest. Often, when stress starts to get to the point of being overwhelming, it can be very healthy and beneficial to just step back for a few minutes and take a nap. While it might be hard to justify, taking naps can be incredibly helpful for your mental health and clarity. 

Your brain does most of its healing and re-balancing when you are asleep. That’s why taking naps is so important -- it’s literally healing your brain and fixing all of the things that are stressing it out. That’s also why it’s so important to get a good night’s sleep every night. 

The mental healing powers built into sleep are incredibly powerful and can make a huge difference in your own life and mental clarity. If you’re ever struggling with all of the things going on inside of your mind, feel free to just take a nap. 

Preferably don’t let it go over twenty to thirty minutes. Otherwise, your mind will go into a deeper stage of sleep, and it’ll be harder to wake up. But a short little power nap can be revitalizing and invigorating in all of the right ways. 

Clean Up Your Environment

Another fantastic way to clear up your mind is to clear up your environment. 

When the living and working spaces around you are tidy and in order, it’s much easier to keep your mind in order as well. It’s not always easy to do this, but making sure that the physical environment around you is orderly naturally helps your mind feel much more organized and at ease. 

Take even just a few minutes to tidy up your desks and shelves in all of the areas on a regular basis. Cleaning gives your mind endorphins, which also produce feelings of peace and wellbeing. 

While these short term benefits are helpful, the long term implications of having cleaner spaces are incredible and can work wonders for a mind that is too stressed out and crowded. Clean spaces help lead to a clean mind. It’s a strange coincidence, but it works! 

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