Updated on January 12, 2024

When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

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Key takeaways

  • Take CBD oils 30 minutes before sleep to experience the best result.
  • The effect of CBD oil is determined by the dosage. While a high dosage will help you sleep, a small dose will keep you awake.
  • Practice consistent timing if you want the best from your CBD oil for sleep.
  • You can start your CBD oil journey with as low as 25mg then experiment until you find your sweet spot.

The role of CBD oil for sleep have been extensively researched by several scientist and they discovered that while CBD oils has a great effect on sleep, most people don’t really know when to take it to obtain the best results. This is partly because CBD exhibits what is known as the biphasic effect. Biphasic effect is a term used to describe drugs or compounds that produce different effects based on their dosage. CBD oils have the potential to keep you awake or enjoy a good sleep depending on your dose. Information from research shows that when you take small doses of CBD oil, you are most likely to stay awake while high doses will make you sleepy.

Now that we’ve established the fact that CBD oils can be useful for sleep, let’s look at how to obtain the best from them by talking about what time to use them.

Guidelines to determine when to take CBD oil for sleep

  1. 30 Minutes to 1 Hour Before Bed:

The recommended timing of 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime is strategic. This window allows for the CBD to be absorbed through the digestive system and subsequently interact with the ECS. By doing so, it may help modulate the balance of neurotransmitters and hormones involved in the sleep-wake cycle, leading to a more restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

What makes CBDa oil noteworthy is its potential to produce faster and often more pronounced effects compared to traditional CBD oil. CBDa, or cannabidiolic acid, is the precursor to CBD, and it is found in raw, unheated cannabis plants. Nesas Hemp's organic CBDa oil, in particular, boasts the capability to induce effects in less than 5 minutes.

This rapid onset of action could be attributed to the fact that CBDa is more bioavailable in its raw form. It interacts with the ECS in a unique way, potentially amplifying its effects on relaxation and sleep. The quick response time of Nesas Hemp's CBDa oil may be particularly appealing to individuals who seek immediate relief from stress or have difficulty falling asleep.

Moreover, the organic nature of Nesas Hemp's CBDa oil adds another layer of appeal. Organic CBDa oil is often free from pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and high-quality product. This is essential for individuals who prioritize natural and clean supplements in their wellness routine.

  1. Practice Consistent Timing:

Establish a consistent timing for taking CBD oil each night. Consistency is key when using CBD for sleep, as it helps regulate your body's internal clock and may enhance its sleep-promoting effects over time.

  1. Start with a Low Dose:

It's advisable to start with a low dose of CBD and gradually increase it if needed. Some people find that a lower dose is sufficient for their sleep needs, while others may require a higher dose. You can start your CBD oil journey with as low as 25mg then experiment until you find your sweet spot.

  1. Consider the Type of CBD Product:

The type of CBD product you use may impact the onset and duration of its effects. For faster effects, sublingual tinctures (placed under the tongue) or vape products may be suitable. Capsules or edibles may take longer to produce effects but can have a more prolonged impact.

  1. Monitor Individual Response:

Pay attention to how your body responds to CBD oil. Some individuals may feel more alert after taking CBD, while others experience relaxation. If you find that CBD has an energizing effect, you may want to experiment with morning or daytime dosages instead.

Frequently asked questions

Is it better to take CBD oil on an empty stomach or after eating?

The optimal timing for taking CBD oil, whether on an empty stomach or after eating, depends on personal preference and desired effects. Taking CBD oil with food can slow down its absorption, potentially providing a more gradual and sustained effect. On the other hand, taking it on an empty stomach may result in quicker absorption, yielding more immediate effects. Experimentation is key to finding the preferred method, as individual responses vary. It's advisable to start with a small dose and observe how your body reacts, adjusting the timing based on your specific needs and how your body metabolizes CBD.

Is it safe to take CBD oil and alcohol together?

No, alcohol will reduce the absorption of CBD thus reducing its effectiveness. It is not advisable to take CBD oil with any medication.

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