Updated on February 15, 2024

Why Cheap CBD Oil Isn't Worth It?

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Key takeaways

  • Cheap CBD products are not worth the hype and stress since they contain little to no CBD with no quality assurance.
  • Cheap CBD are the biggest scams of the CBD industry.
  • Good quality CBD oils are not cheap. Extracting quality oils require a lot of investment in equipment and testing.
  • Most cheaply priced CBD oils compromise on quality. They may cut costs by evading testing and compliance.
  • High-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil typically exhibits a dark brown or black hue due to its concentrated hemp extract

CBD products are everywhere, from gas stations to retail stores and dispensaries. In most cases, these CBD products are sold for a fraction of the original price and promise to take care of all disease conditions. In this article, we would discuss why cheap CBD oils are not worth the struggle or stress.

What does it cost to produce High Quality CBD oils?

Producing high-quality CBD oil involves several costly components, contributing to its relatively higher prices compared to typical over-the-counter supplements. The use of organic hemp, advanced CO2 extraction methods, skilled lab personnel, third-party testing facilities, and a dedicated customer service team all come with associated expenses.

Maintaining organic farms is more expensive due to the stringent standards and practices involved. The equipment required for CO2 extraction, a key method for obtaining pure CBD, can cost around $150,000. This investment is accompanied by ongoing expenses, including the salaries of lab technicians and analysts responsible for ensuring the product's quality and potency.

Moreover, comprehensive lab testing, crucial for verifying the CBD content and confirming the absence of contaminants, is an additional expense that manufacturers incur.

Quality production involves significant investments at every stage, and opting for lower-priced alternatives may raise concerns about the integrity and efficacy of the product. It's essential for consumers to be wary of persuasive terms like 'cheap' and prioritize the value and transparency offered by reputable CBD brands.

Why are some CBD oils so cheap?

While some affordable CBD oils may provide a good value, it's essential for consumers to consider the overall quality, transparency, and reputation of the brand. Cheaper products may sometimes sacrifice quality or use subpar ingredients, so it's crucial to do thorough research before purchasing CBD oil. The pricing of CBD oils can vary for several reasons, and some CBD oils may be more affordable than others due to certain factors:

  1. Low quality Hemp Source: The cost of CBD oil is influenced by the source of hemp. Hemp plants grown in regions with lower agricultural and labor costs may result in more affordable CBD products.
  2. Hazardous Extraction Methods: The method used to extract CBD from hemp plants can impact costs. Some cheaper CBD oils may use less expensive extraction methods, such as solvent-based extraction, which might affect the overall quality of the product.
  3. Little to no CBD Concentration: CBD oils with lower concentrations of CBD are generally less expensive. Products with higher CBD concentrations may be priced higher due to the increased amount of CBD used in the formulation.
  4. Low Quality of Ingredients: Cheaper CBD oils may use lower-quality carrier oils, flavorings, or other ingredients. Higher-quality ingredients, such as organic carriers and natural flavorings, can contribute to a higher price.
  5. No Third-Party Testing: Some manufacturers invest in third-party testing for quality and potency. CBD oils that undergo rigorous testing may be priced higher to cover these additional quality assurance measures.
  6. No Regulatory Compliance: Companies that adhere to strict regulatory standards may invest more in compliance, leading to higher production costs. This adherence to regulations can contribute to a higher price for the CBD oil.

How to identify quality CBD products

Identifying quality CBD products is crucial for ensuring safety, efficacy, and a positive experience. Here are key factors to consider when evaluating CBD products:

  1. Third-Party Testing: Look for products that have undergone third-party testing by independent laboratories. These tests verify the accuracy of CBD content and ensure the absence of contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Make sure the third party test is coming from an ISO/DEA approved laboratory. At Nesas Hemp we subject our CBD products to rigorous testing in parts per billions.
  2. Certificate of Analysis (COA): Manufacturers should provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for their products. This document, often accessible on the brand's website, details the results of third-party testing, confirming the product's cannabinoid profile and purity.
  3. Hemp Source: Choose products made from organically grown hemp. Organic farming practices minimize the risk of pesticide and chemical contamination, contributing to a cleaner end product. At Nesas Hemp we make sure our soils are free from possible contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides.
  4. Extraction Method: The extraction method used can impact the quality of the CBD. CO2 extraction is considered a clean and efficient method that preserves the integrity of the cannabinoids. Avoid products made with potentially harmful solvents.
  5. CBD Concentration: Check the CBD concentration per serving. Reputable brands clearly state the amount of CBD in each product. Be cautious of products with vague or misleading labeling.
  6. Transparent Labeling: Look for products with clear and transparent labeling, including information on CBD content per serving, ingredients, and usage instructions. Avoid products with excessive or unsubstantiated health claims.
  7. Company Reputation: Choose products from reputable companies with a history of transparency, customer satisfaction, and adherence to quality standards. Read customer reviews and check for certifications.

Frequently asked questions

How can you tell if CBD oil is high quality?

Look for a Label Indicating "Full Spectrum" or "Whole-Plant" An admirable feature of quality CBD oil is its production using the entire plant. While CBD isolates are gaining popularity, they tend to be more affordable than extracts derived from the whole plant.

What color is high quality CBD oil?

High-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil typically exhibits a dark brown or black hue due to its concentrated hemp extract. Conversely, a dark green color signifies that the CBD is in its "raw" state, indicating minimal filtration or processing. Filtered CBD oil undergoes decarboxylation, removing most plant materials and resulting in a clearer appearance.

Is it OK to mix CBD oil with water?

Certainly, you can incorporate CBD oil into water instead of taking it sublingually. However, it's essential to note the following: the product must be water-soluble to ensure effective absorption in your system.

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