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CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil

Know the Difference

As the CBD and Hemp industries are ever-changing and fast-growing, many people become confused when researching the benefits and differences between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp Extract (Hemp Oil Extract). The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp in the United States, which opened the doors to legalizing the CBD compound for public use. While CBD and Hemp Oil Extract are pretty new to the market, Hemp Seed Oil has been around for decades.  

Many people are already aware of the numerous benefits of the CBD compound in our body, and they are aware of the benefits of Hemp Oil Extract (which includes more cannabinoids than just CBD compound); however, there is still a misunderstanding in general about the differences between Hemp Oil Extract and Hemp Seed Oil.

CBD and Hemp Oil Extract

First of all, CBD is non-intoxicating cannabidiol extracted from Cannabis Sativa Plant. The Cannabis Sativa plant can produce over a hundred cannabinoids - and CBD is one of them.

There are two types of Cannabis sativa plants: Marijuana and Hemp. These two plants have the same compounds and cannabinoids, but there are some huge differences. The Hemp plant is a type of Cannabis that contains 0.3% or less of THC. Hemp has been described as non-intoxicating cannabis that is harvested for industrial use. The Marijuana plant is a type of Cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC and has psychoactive effects (produces a “high” sensation) on the consumer.

CBD (cannabidiol) has gained popularity for various medical uses, and some people have even used it for such conditions as epilepsy, pain control, and addiction treatment. Isolate CBD oil usually contains only one compound – CBD. However, the actual hemp plant contains more than 100 different compounds. So, Hemp Oil Extract contains more than just one CBD compound. In addition to CBD, Hemp Oil Extract also contains CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBN (Cannabinol), low amounts (less than the legal limit of 0.3%) of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and many other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant.

Each cannabinoid has a different effect on the body. While some of them promote relaxation, others promote wakefulness. Full-spectrum Hemp Oil Extract contains a mix of all compounds naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Even though the THC naturally occurring in hemp oil can produce psychoactive effects, it is such a very small amount that it won’t give you also the slightest sensation of making you high.

Thanks to all the compounds occurring in Hemp Oil Extract rather just CBD, our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract is much more effective in dealing with the overall wellness of your body, mind, and soul. Each compound from the Hemp Oil Extract has unique effects and benefits that affect our body differently. The Entourage Effect states that all compounds in cannabis perform better together - when taken together, they produce much better results and effect on the body than when taken alone.

Benefits of Hemp Oil Extract

benefits of hemp oil extract

Hemp Oil has been known for its many health benefits to people and even pets. Hemp Oil Extract has been known to have health and wellness supporting properties like promoting stress relief, relaxation, promoting muscle pain relief, helping with healthy joint and cartilage function, assisting with weight loss, promoting the healthy immune system, promoting positive mood, enhancing sleep quality and improving focus.

Athletes love Hemp Oil Extract because it helps soothe muscle pain and even joint pain that can become aggravated by strenuous activity. It even helps with regenerating the skin. Some research shows how cannabinoids can help suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Other studies show that cannabidiol can help reduce inflammation and pain without side effects.  

Cannabinoids have different purposes. For example, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in a cannabis plant thought to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, antineoplastic, proapoptotic, and chemopreventive properties. THC is responsible for the psychotropic aspects of the plant. CBN is thought to be known for its sedative properties. CBG is thought to be responsible for hemp’s antibacterial and antiproliferative properties, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.

Hemp Seed Oil

These three words say it all. Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, not the hemp flower, which is used in Hemp Oil Extract (or Hemp Oil). This oil doesn’t contain as many phytochemicals as the plant itself and doesn’t contain any CBD or THC. Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed and contains fatty acids, nutrients, and various bioactive vitamins and minerals.

Like Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Seed Oil also has many health benefits. Hemp Seed Oil is known for promoting heart health, enhancing digestion, improving brain function, helping with hormone balance, and weight loss. Hemp Seed Oil is highly nutritious and a great daily supplement to foods.

If you’ve thought about trying the amazing health and wellness benefits of Hemp Oil Extract, consider Nesa’s Hemp. 

hemp oil extract, nesa

Nesa’s Hemp is grown organically and holistically with the highest degree of care and without chemicals, additives, or pesticides. It is uniquely cold-pressed without damaging the plant and thereby providing “living hemp” in a bottle, so you can receive the full benefits and nutrition of the Hemp plant. We promise the best quality and amazing results! For more information, contact us today.

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hemp oil extract discount

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Why Organic Hemp Oil?

Why Organic Hemp Oil?

Why Organic Hemp Oil?

Why Organic Hemp Oil?

As the hemp industry grows larger, more types of hemp oil and CBD oil appear. In this market, you can choose anything from a single CBD isolate oil to a complete full spectrum living hemp oil containing all cannabinoids beneficial to human health. As the industry grows larger, the misinformation grows larger as well.

While searching for the product that fits you the best, you will also come across organic and non-organic hemp oil or hemp extract options. Even though the majority of the industry today sells non-organic hemp oil products, more and more organic hemp oil products are becoming available. Organic hemp oil is more expensive than regular hemp oil. But is it better for you? The answer is, "yes!" 

Organic Hemp Oil

Organic hemp oil is much higher quality and a cleaner product with more health benefits than conventional non-organic hemp oil. As the hemp plant grows organically, it doesn't absorb any pesticides and chemicals. This leads to a higher nutritional value in the plant (and oil), much higher effectiveness, fewer toxins (that are transmitted to our body after using the oil), and no contamination that can cause health problems. These are all important aspects of organically grown hemp. 

There are many differences between organic hemp oil and non-organic, starting with the seed and ending with the method of extraction and bottling. 

Organic hemp oil starts with organic hemp seed and organic soil. Soil is a very important factor in determining the nutritional value of a hemp plant. Organic soil contains organic matter that is rich in many nutrients and minerals. The scientific definition of organic soil is "Of, relating to, or derived from living matter." Organic soil consists of decaying plant material, microorganisms, worms, and many other living things. Unlike organically grown hemp, conventionally grown hemp uses fertilizer at the beginning of the growing cycle. 

Organically grown and extracted hemp includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids that have never been compromised with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other chemical additives.

Certified organic hemp starts much cleaner from the moment it is grown in the soil and is an important assurance to the customers that the hemp oil produced follows strict government guidelines.

  • CBD products that are certified organic are held to much higher standards than conventional products
  • According to USDA, "organic" starts in the field and soil. The soil cannot have any organic-prohibited substances applied for three years before growing
  • Organic hemp farmers cannot use pesticides when growing, and no synthetic additives can be added to enhance growth
  • The soil must be maintained through organic and naturally-sourced fertilizers (if any), crop rotations, and natural ground tilling
  • According to USDA guidelines, genetic engineering is strictly prohibited, and organic hemp cannot come from genetically modified seeds
  • Organic crops must be kept separated from non-organic crops to avoid cross-contamination

    In the genetically modified world, we live in, it's important to give something more natural to our bodies. Something that hasn't interacted with any chemicals and pesticides.

    All chemicals and pesticides used to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables today contain toxins that are later transported to our body through food, which can contaminate and inflame our bodies and lead to health problems. 

    Organic is not just a certification. It's an assurance that the product has received a much higher degree of care throughout its lifecycle and has met a very specific list of requirements that enhance the benefits of the product while reducing the dangers we face from conventional production methods. 

    If you have thought about buying organic hemp oil, consider Nesa's Hemp. Nesa's Hemp is grown using the most holistic approach with no pesticides, no chemicals, and no additives.

    The CEO of Nesa's Hemp is passionate about using living soil to provide the most nutritional value to the plant possible. Nesa's Hemp is grown under strict supervision with love and care following all Oregon Tilth and USDA Organic standards. For more information, please contact us today.

    First-time buyers get 15% off! 


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    How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

    How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

    How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

    How CBD Can Benefit Athletes

    Athleticism requires more than just being active and practicing sports every day. Most athletes use a variety of tools to enhance their performance and athleticism outside of daily training. They use protein shakes, eat the right foods, consume supplements, do a lot of muscle stretching, and use chiropractors frequently so they can maintain their health, and perform better. Overall well-being is crucial for athletes. 

    Athletes also put a lot of stress on their bodies as they participate in intense exercise constantly. As a result, many experience exercise-related inflammations and other problems.

    More and more athletes are using CBD/Hemp products for better performance and health management. This is especially true beginning in 2018 when both the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) removed CBD from the prohibited substances list. Unlike THC, CBD, and hemp oil extract don’t produce a psychoactive reaction and are permitted for use by athletes. 

    The hemp oil extract is different than CBD oil. CBD oil contains only one compound, which is CBD, and is overly-processed in order to extract that one compound. On the other hand, hemp extract contains many crucial hemp compounds that work together with CBD (called the “entourage effect”), which multiply the effect of CBD and also are beneficial to our bodies in their own ways. Like most types of CBD oil, hemp extract or hemp oil contains a trace amount of THC, which is always below the legal limit of 0.03%.

    There are many ways of consuming CBD (and ideally, the other beneficial compounds found in hemp, including CBG, CBC, CBA, terpenes, and phytonutrients.) It can be taken as oil, capsules, lotion, cream, and edibles.

    CBD and hemp extract were previously used as nutritional supplements, but athletes increasingly have been using them for enhanced performance, faster recovery, better muscle function, sleep quality, and many other reasons.

    Benefits of Hemp Oil for Athletes

    1. Hemp oil promotes athletic recovery.  

    Using hemp oil as a tincture or lotion can help alleviate pain during recovery. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD and other compounds may also help in speeding up the recovery process, especially when taken as a tincture.

    Hemp oil reduces aches and pain. 

    1.  After intense competition or practice, the body can experience pain. Some studies have indicated that hemp oil can reduce the intensity of exercise-induced aches and pain.
    2. Hemp oil supports healthy, restful sleep.

    Sleep is vital for athletic performance. During sleep, bones and muscles recover from the strain athletes put on them during competition and practice. So, to perform well, sleep is crucial. Better sleep quality results in improved reaction time decreased injury risk and higher energy levels. Hemp oil is known for supporting sleep quality, and it calms the nervous system and relaxes the body without creating any psychoactive effects. It even helps to reduce stress, so the benefits of rest and sleep are fully realized.

    Hemp oil can reduce inflammation. 

    1.  One of the features of hemp oil is its anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation can occur from an injury or excessive training and intense practice. Inflammation can prevent athletes from performing their best and remaining competitive. CBD and other compounds in hemp oil are reported to help reduce the effects of inflammation and keep the athlete on the playing field.
    2. Hemp oil can help manage stress.

    Athletes will often experience stress before competitions or even afterward. Stress can also result from every-day life situations. In either case, hemp oil can help reduce stress in the body and calm the mind calm so the athlete can compete at his/her highest level.

    If you are an athlete who takes good care of your body, you should know that Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract is a certified organic product that is free of chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals. It is naturally produced through a unique process that yields the highest naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. For more information, please contact us today.

    As an athlete who takes good care of your body, you should know that Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract is a certified organic product that is free of chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals.  It is naturally produced through a unique process that yields the highest naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. For more information, please contact us today. 

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    How Organic Hemp Oil Benefits Skin

    How Organic Hemp Oil Benefits Skin

    How Organic Hemp Oil Benefits Skin

    How Organic Hemp Oil Benefits Skin
    Organic hemp oil benefits the mind and body as a whole. Hemp product users continue to celebrate the positive affects hemp oil has had on their mood, sleeping patterns, and even stress.

    Although, many users focus on the changes from within, organic hemp oil products can work to restore the whole-body from the inside-out, including the condition and appearance of the skin.

    This is because, aside from the benefits gained from CBD compounds, organic hemp oil is also rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that promote skin health.

    In this article, we take a closer look into those accompanying properties to better understand how organic hemp oil benefits the skin.

    Hydration Properties

    benefits of hemp oil

    Fatty acids, such as Omega 3s and Omega 6s, are key nutrients our bodies need but are unable to produce. They are the foundational blocks for healthy cell creation and work as the skin’s natural barrier -- locking in moisture while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

    Organic hemp oil is rich in fatty acids, As a result, users often report soothed and more hydrated skin after regularly applying hemp products.

    Non-Comedogenic Properties

    A common concern about supplemental oils and skincare is the clogging of pores and the overproduction of natural oils, which may lead to severe acne and skin redness. However, organic hemp oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores. Instead, it works to hydrate the skin and regulate its oil production.

    Many people find it counterintuitive to apply oil in an effort to reduce oil, but by doing so, they may experience clearing and prevention of acne. Whether you have oily or dry skin, organic hemp oil may improve its appearance and the balance of oil production.

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Organic hemp oil is rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects and preserves skin cells and potentially reduces some signs of aging. These natural vitamins aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles while still helping users achieve more hydrated and supple skin. This is why hemp oil is considered to be the modern-day fountain of youth for some.

    Get the Most From Your Hemp Product

    Note that the product you choose and how you use it will directly relate to your own skin benefits. It is important to read the product label instructions carefully to properly apply the product and to obtain the most benefits.

    Also, it’s important to note that, even though the product may be organic hemp oil, it could contain unwanted additives or impurities as a result of the extraction and manufacturing process. In some cases using these products, could have adverse effects on your skin and overall health. Yes, organic hemp oil benefits the skin. But, be careful to make the healthiest choice in product selection.

    Nesa’s Hemp is home to the world’s finest CBD Hemp Oil. Our hemp oil extract is cold-pressed, certified organic, and rich with naturally occurring CBD, in addition to vital nutrients that help restore balance in the body.

    For any questions regarding organic hemp oil, please contact us. We would be happy to share our expertise, knowledge, and product with you.

    Contact Us Today! 

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    5 Natural Ways Hemp Oil May Help the Wellness of Your Whole Body

    5 Natural Ways Hemp Oil May Help the Wellness of Your Whole Body

    5 Natural Ways Hemp Oil May Help the Wellness of Your Whole Body

    5 Natural Ways Hemp Oil May Help The Wellness of Your Whole Body
    Hemp oil has numerous therapeutic qualities. Several may contribute to your whole body and lifestyle wellness. We list and share a few of those hemp oil benefits that have left many users feeling healthy and restored.  

    1. Pain Relief

    Products containing hemp oil have been quickly adopted by those who suffer from chronic pain. 

    Among the many benefits that our users experience, some of the main ones are:

    • Sense of calm for focus
    • Relief from everyday stresses
    • Help in recovery from exercise-induced inflammation
    • Support for  healthy sleep cycles

    Modern physicians prescribe over-the-counter medications or highly addictive opioids to subside their pain. Yet, continued use of these drugs, over a long period of time can be detrimental to overall health. Thus, this puts chronic pain sufferers at higher risk for developing worse conditions, experiencing harsh side effects, or withdrawal symptoms.

    Rather than consuming synthetics medications, patients are avoiding them altogether in efforts to preserve their health. They are choosing hemp oil as a healthier alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medications. 

    Hemp oil extract users have reported experiencing chronic pain relief without the harsh side effects or painful withdrawal. 

    2. Helps Manage Everyday Stress

    hemp oil stress relief

    Adulthood is often coupled with feelings of stress, anxiety. And when these become everyday occurrences, it hinders the quality of life and health. 

    Life should be enjoyable. But, when weighed down by overwhelming emotions, it can be challenging to experience how great life can be. Those struggling with poor mental health have turned to hemp oil seeking its therapeutic benefits and a better perspective on being.

    Accordingly, hemp oil users have reported drastic improvements in their mental health. They have expressed greater feelings of happiness, wholeness, and a brighter outlook on their lives. 

    3. Reduced Exercise-induced Inflammation

    Exercise is an essential aspect of life, especially if you wish to live a full and healthy one. But after a workout or any rigorous activity, some may experience discomfort and pain, which are both symptoms of muscle tension and inflammation. 

    To combat post-workout aches and pain, individuals are integrating hemp oil into their fitness routine. World-class athletes, bodybuilders, and those who participate in lighter exercise have expressed a greater sense of relaxation and reduced muscle soreness after physical activities when taking this natural health supplement.

    4. More Restful Sleep

    There are many people who, for various reasons, are unable to receive adequate rest. And, unfortunately, lack of sleep can have long-term negative effects on your mental and physical health. Therefore, not only is a full-nights sleep ideal, but it is also necessary to promote whole-body wellness.

    People diagnosed with sleep disorders, such as insomnia, have participated in studies related to hemp oil and their night-time behaviors. Research suggests that hemp oil and its CBD CBN compounds played a role in improving sleep. In fact, study participants fell asleep quicker and easier. Not to mention, they had a deeper, more restful sleep causing them to awake feeling more relieved.

    More research is still taking place to fully understand hemp oils impacts on sleep and treating sleep disorders. But hemp oil users not within these studies have shared similar testimonies.

    5. Improved Skin Appearance

    Hemp oil users frequently state that the product has had positive effects on their skin. Some who previously suffered from dry, itchy, or aging skin have claimed to witness a reversal. Their skin appears healthier, moisturized, and supple. Although most hemp oils were created for oral consumption, individuals struggling with eczema, psoriasis, or skin inflammation are now applying the product topically in hopes of improving the health of their skin.

    The Takeaway
    There are many reported benefits when it comes to using hemp oil. However, each experience will vary depending on the user or the product. Although we shared five natural ways hemp oil can help the wellness of your whole body, we do not guarantee that you will feel these effects yourself.

    For more information regarding hemp oil and how it may impact your health, please contact us today. We would love the opportunity to extend our hemp oil and CBD knowledge to you.

    Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract is a certified organic product that is free of pesticides, toxic fertilizers, or other chemicals.

    We have a sale going on for 30% off through the 4th of July and may or may not reinstate the first time buyer discount after the sale is over.

    Get Your 30% OFF Today! 


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    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Those who incorporate CBD or hemp-related products into their diets or health care routines are continuously sharing their dramatic improvements in their mental and physical health.

    But is it solely CBD that is carrying out these new medical miracles? Or could this be the work of the hemp plant and all of its chemicals as a whole? Is the product that they are consuming what it proclaims to be?

    There is a CBD spectrum designed to precisely identify and classify hemp products not only based on the level of CBD found in a product but also based on all of the hemp plant’s components. However, sometimes a product’s classification may not match the labeling -- leading to confusion and product inconsistencies.

    In this article, we take a close look into the CBD spectrum. Furthermore, we teach you how to look beyond the labels to accurately identify and classify hemp products on your own.

    The Purpose Behind the Extract Spectrum

    Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    The CBD Spectrum is a classification system used to describe hemp products and their components. The terms used to classify hemp oils are based on the hemp plant’s natural compounds and their level of presence in the products themselves.

    However, the spectrum classification system does not identify or classify any foreign components or contaminants that may also be present in the product.
    Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, & CBD Isolate

    There are three classifications that make up the spectrum: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. If you are in the market for hemp products, especially oils, inevitably you have seen these categories on product labels and in advertisements. Since these are common buzz words used throughout the industry, it is important to understand their exact meaning and how it may affect your CBD experience.


    In order for a product to be appropriately identified as full-spectrum, it must contain all of the phytonutrients and compounds naturally found in the plant, including:

    • CBD
    • CBN
    • CBGs
    • THC
    • Flavonoids
    • Terpenes

    An important belief associated with full-spectrum products is the entourage effect. It was Dr. Eathan Russo who theorized that cannabinoids, all the chemicals found in the hemp plant, are synergistic in nature. Meaning, all of the nutrients in the hemp plant work better together than isolating each piece individually.

    While many hemp-product users proclaim a boost in their whole-body wellness, those who believe in the entourage effect credit the hemp plant’s therapeutic compounds for the positive changes, not the CBD alone.


    Broad-spectrum products consist of all the hemp plant’s phytonutrients except THC. It is ideal for individuals who are THC sensitive or are looking to avoid the chemical altogether.

    With these products, some users may also experience some degree of the entourage effect despite the filtration of THC.

    CBD Isolate

    Lastly, CBD-isolate is exactly what the name implies, pure CBD. Producing CBD-isolate requires much manipulation and processing in order to strip the hemp plant of all its properties. But in the end, manufacturers are able to achieve the CBD chemical in a solid form of crystalline powder; there is no resemblance to the hemp plant or any of its natural qualities.

    And with this type of product, because CBD is the only cannabinoid being consumed, CBD isolate users will not reap the potential benefits of the entourage effect.

    How to Determine if a Product is Full-Spectrum

    Let us caution you. While many products are labeled full-spectrum, what’s in the container could be something else. To truly know if a product matches its title, search for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) showing that the product has been tested by an accredited third-party laboratory. Reputable firms will have COAs that contain a batch number that corresponds to a batch number on every bottle of their oil.

    As mentioned before, the product must contain all of the phytonutrients and compounds naturally found in the plant – as indicated by the lab results.

    If there are no lab results or many of the expected compounds are unaccounted for, there is no guarantee that a product labeled “full-spectrum” is, in-fact, full-spectrum.

    Nesa’s Hemp understands the value third-party lab results place on the “full-spectrum” label, but also in the extract itself. Review our lab results today to become familiar with what it means to truly own a “full-spectrum” product.

    And as always, if you have yet to experience nature’s love in its purest form, Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract, order yours to receive an automatic 15% off at checkout.

    Order Now

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    What is Hemp?

    What is Hemp?

    What is Hemp?

    Learn important information regarding hemp, its history, and how its current regulations and applications may affect us today.

    • What is Hemp

      Hemp, alongside its well-known counterpart, marijuana, are both derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Although they are descendants of the Cannabis Sativa plant, they each have a unique genetic composition and associated applications.

      Marijuana is a recreational or medicinal drug that has a relatively high concentration of THC, a psychoactive component that provides users with a euphoric sensation. However, it has a lower concentration of cannabidiol, CBD, a natural therapeutic chemical found in the plant.

      In contrast, hemp has a higher concentration of CBD and a lower concentration of THC. Because of this, hemp in the past has had more industrial applications. But with recent legislative changes and the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, hemp applications have expanded beyond industrial and commercial consumption.

      • Hemp History

        The applications of hemp date back centuries. In ancient times, it was used to make pottery and jewelry for early civilizations. Even in North America, hemp was farmed during its founding years. Due to its fibrous properties, hemp became the main crop used in paper production, rope, and lamp fuels.

        In fact, many of America’s founding fathers recognized hemp’s multi-purposeful benefits and became hemp advocates themselves. Even a draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

        It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century when hemp and marijuana were both heavily outlawed; their production and consumption were greatly discouraged.

        • 2018 Farm Bill

        Nonetheless, in recent years federal and state legislations have loosened the laws and stigmas surrounding hemp and marijuana. And, just a couple years ago, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill.

        The 2018 Farm Bill permits farmers to grow hemp on domestic land. (Yet, it still may be illegal to grow in certain states.) This bill, in conjunction with hemp’s well-researched health applications, led to a surge in the farming and manufacturing of the hemp plant. Not only is hemp a newly favorable crop, but also many firms are marketing products, such as oils, butters, and supplements, that are derived from it.

        • The New Realties of Hemp Production

          Even though hemp products are more available to consumers, it seems as if the industry has gone from one extreme to the next. What once was under strict regulation now has little to none in terms of cultivation, manufacturing, and labeling.

          Essentially, there is no governance over hemp supplements or any of its products. The only mandate is for the hemp plant’s psychoactive component, THC, to have a concentration of less than 0.3%.

          Apart from that, there is no government policy to enforce the quality and safety of these hemp products. Consequently, many hemp products falsify claims, ingredients, and even cultivation practices.

          Consumer safety organizations assert and estimate that between 20-70% of all dietary supplements are mislabeled and do not contain what is expressed on the product’s packaging. Unbeknown to users, it is possible for hemp products to be contaminated by added medicines, pesticides, or other toxic compounds. 

          Remember, the government solely allows for hemp to be grown on domestic soil. Unfortunately, the remaining responsibility for quality control falls into the hands of the manufactures. Hence, a premium is placed on capitalism and financial gain instead of the health of human lives and our environment.

          • Cultivated in Purity

          With Nesa’s Hemp, we understand the lack of regulations regarding the hemp plant and its related products. Rather than taking advantage of the many loopholes, we choose to bring light to this issue by educating consumers.

          More importantly, we choose to counteract these unethical manufacturers’ and their immoral practices. And it starts with our hemp plant which is grown in an environment that promotes overall human and environmental health.

          Our farming methods and soils are free from pesticides, harsh fertilizers, and are untouched by man or machinery. Then, through our patented cold-pressed extraction technology, we are able to produce our pure and clean product.

          We take pride in creating a product that goes against the moral grain of habitual, deceitful agricultural methods. More so, we take pride in providing consumers with a fully honest and trustworthy hemp experience. From our soil to your soul, this is Nesa’s Hemp Oil extract.

          Order Today & Get 15% OFF

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          Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract

          Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract

          Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract

          Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Oil Extract
          What’s the Difference & Why Does it Matter

          The surge in hemp products come with a surge in hemp-related phrases and terminology. Many are unaware of the complex hemp language and its meaning.

          This often leads to words being improperly interchanged or the misinterpretation of product labels. Others are intimidated by the wording and instead, choose to avoid or repulse the industry, entirely.

          We want to add clarity and insight to much of the common-used terminology in efforts to reduce confusion or alarm. To start, we will acknowledge the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil, and hemp oil extract. Most importantly, we will explain why these words should matter to you.

          What is Hemp Seed Oil

          Hemp seed oil’s name says it all. It is simply oil derived from hemp seeds. However, the wording can be misleading. Although “hemp” is in the title, this product is deprived of the components that are naturally found in the hemp plant. For example, hemp seed oil contains absolutely no CBD or THC.

          Instead, it is rich in Vitamin E and fatty oils. The hemp seed oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and is non-comedogenic. Therefore, hemp seed oil has many topical applications. Numerous products like lotions, body butter, and even lip balms list hemp seed oil as a key ingredient. Those who suffer from acne, eczema, or psoriasis, typically use this product in efforts to naturally restore and soothe their skin.

          Plus, hemp seed oil, is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants promote overall digestion and gut health. Because of this, it is not uncommon to find hemp seed oil in your everyday foods and drinks, such as salad dressings, hemp milk, and hemp cheeses.

          Although hemp seed oil lacks the hemp plant’s therapeutic compounds, it continues to be a natural and healthy supplement to anyone’s diet or beauty routine.

          What is CBD Oil

          Unlike hemp seed oil, CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, stalks, and stems of the hemp plant. Another distinction, CBD Oil contains CBD and THC. However, keep in mind, the product must consist of less than 0.3% of THC to abide by legal guidelines.

          Aside from that, CBD Oil is highly industrialized. In order to retain the product, it must undergo rigorous extraction methods (e.g. CO2, ethanol, etc.) that involve heavy machinery and chemicals. Unfortunately, this process damages the natural hemp compounds, reducing the quality and potency of the product.

          What is Hemp Oil Extract 

          The term “hemp oil extract” is synonymously used with CBD oil but there is a major difference in the product’s cultivation practices and potential effects.

          This product is derived from areas of the plant where the cannabinoid levels are the highest and the richest. Hemp oil extract also undergoes a gentler and less invasive extraction method. The most common is through cold-pressing the plant, which, in return, creates a pure and rich product. As a result, many plants are not harmed nor destroyed during extraction.

          Also, the products are able to retain its potency, and the nutrients and compound originally found in the hemp plant. Meaning, those who consume the product may experience the full effects CBD can have on the body, a concept better known as the entourage effect.

          Why Does it Matter?

          Labels say one thing but the ingredients and cultivation methods may say another. By understanding the common terminology when it comes to hemp products, you will better understand how it may affect you.

          Additionally, as you familiarize yourself with the hemp expressions and language, you will become a more educated buyer. You can better assess your specific needs, whether it be dietary, topical, or whole-body wellness. Then, utilize this information to confidently purchase a product that may satisfy.

          Know what’s the difference between CBD oil, hemp oil, and hemp oil extract to best reap the benefits you so greatly desire.

          The Nesa’s Hemp Difference

          Nesa’s Hemp Oil Extract is appropriately placed in the hemp oil extract classification. We take pride in our product being organic and natural.

          Furthermore, our product was cultivated in purity. Our patented extraction process sustains the life of the hemp plant while maintaining the phytonutrients and healing compounds found in the hemp plant.

          We would love for you to try Nesa’s Hemp Extract for yourself. Order your product today to receive 15% of your first purchase and to experience Nature’s Solution in its Purest Form.

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          5 Natural Ways How Hemp Oil Can Help

          5 Natural Ways How Hemp Oil Can Help

          5 Natural Ways How Hemp Oil Can Help

          It has never felt more important than now to consider improving your immune system. As a result, many are panicked into unusual lifestyle changes and restrictive diets.

          However, to avoid falling into these sudden and unnatural changes, and to help improve your immunity, implement these natural behaviors and supplements instead.

          1. Manage Stress

          Although stress and anxiety are common experiences, in order to promote physical health, it is important to support your mental health, as well. Understand that long-term stress or daily occurrences may weaken the immune system. Therefore, reducing stress and anxiety is crucial when it comes to improving your quality of life.

          To help decompress, try some of these mindful activities:

          • exercise
          • journaling
          • deep breathing
          • meditation 

          Hemp Oil & Stress Management

          The natural compounds found in hemp oil may interact with the body’s central nervous system. As a result, some who have consumed hemp oil witnessed experiencing less tension in addition to reduced stress.

          2. Consume More Whole Plant Foods

          Whole plant foods are rich with vitamins, nutrients, and dietary fibers. Adding vegetables and fruits to your diet can reduce your risk of developing serious diseases. 

          Being that our bodies are unable to store certain vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin C, it is beneficial to consume these foods on a daily basis.

          Hemp Oil Vitamins & Nutrients

          Hemp Oil contains Vitamin E, carotene, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. You’ve heard of super greens, this is super hemp.

          3. Get Adequate Rest

          Sleep aids in relaxation and restoration. In fact, studies indicate that adults who lack adequate sleep are more susceptible to disease and ailments. 

          Utilize these methods to improve sleep sufficiency:  

          • limit screen time 
          • read a book right
          • before bed
          • wear a sleep mask
          • maintain a consistent
          • sleep schedule

          Hemp Oil & Sleep

          Just as hemp oil interacts with the body’s central nervous system in efforts to manage stress, it may also assist with relaxation. Some even report experiencing more restful and deep sleep after use.

          4. Consume Healthy Fats

          Healthy fats, such as salmon, olive oil, and avocados, are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are key in protecting the body from free radicals, which are associated with heart disease and cancer. 

          Also, these foods are anti-inflammatory. Meaning, they help to decrease chronic inflammation and protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses.

          Hemp Oil as a Healthy Fat

          Hemp oil is considered a healthy fat that is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Hence it is referred to as “Nature’s more perfectly balanced oil.” 

          5. Utilize Herbs and Supplements

          Your lifestyle may already consist of a healthy diet and behaviors. However, consuming additional herbs and supplements can have an even greater boost on your immune system. 

          Many supplements including probiotics, zinc, and echinacea all support the immune system’s response time when it comes to recognizing and fighting dangerous pathogens.

          Yet, please use supplements wisely as they are not regulated by the FDA. It is highly suggested to consider products that have been independently tested by a third-party.

          How Hemp Oil May Help

          Hemp oil is a great supplement used to help improve the immune system. It a natural and healthy source to obtain necessary vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and so much more. 

          To learn more about hemp oil and how it may enhance your immune system or health, all together, please contact our team.

          We would love to provide more information on nature’s solution in its purest form. 

          NOTE: None of these methods should be used to prevent or protect you from Covid-19. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines, heed social distancing, and abide stay-at-home orders to minimize your risk of contracting the virus.

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