Updated on October 13, 2021

How To Take Control of Your Mind

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The modern world is full of stressors and frustrations. From difficult social situations to mental health issues to unending streams of negative information from the news, many different factors constantly seem to be vying for attention from your mind. 

Of course, the world isn’t all bad things. There are always countless good and beautiful blessings to focus on and give your mind and time to. 

However, finding these little bits of light can often be challenging amid the many problems that constantly surround us. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to take control of your mind, thoughts, and emotions. 

That isn’t always easy, however. Recent negative events can often take up a lot of headspace and can result in making it hard to control your mind and thoughts. It can be tough to get through these seasons of life and often feel hopelessly difficult. 

However, the reality is that there are simple strategies that you can use to help take back control of your mind and start living a healthier and happier life. 

Here are some essential tips and steps to take when taking back the reins of your mind. Follow these processes consistently, and you’ll have mental control over your thoughts again in no time! 

Identify the Problems

The first and most essential step is to identify the problems that you struggle with the most. Sometimes, these are easy to identify, like a recent falling-out with a loved one, a difficult life situation, or stress caused by work. 

Other times, these are more subtle and underlying problems, such as mental health struggles, negative self-talk, or a pessimistic outlook. These can be fairly difficult to deal with in their own ways and can cause people to lose control of their minds and thoughts due to intrusive thoughts and ongoing frustrations. 

Identifying these problems in your thought process is incredibly important because it can show you what you want to eliminate. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to think about those issues. But it’s essential to recognize what they are to help you determine why and how you want to eliminate them. It is always best to set up goals for yourself to know how you want to go about achieving them. 

Feel free to write these down so that you can really keep yourself accountable to the thought patterns you want to change in your mind. 

Change Your Perspective

One of the best ways to take control of your mind is to change the way you think about your problems. There are many ways to do this, but generally, the most important thing to do is examine what you feel and pick out all the things that aren’t true. 

Often, it can feel like more difficult seasons in your life seem like they’re going to last forever, and they’re inescapable. Instead of giving in to those feelings, change your perspective on how you see them. 

Think back to past experiences that have been hard and how you’ve overcome them over time. The things that you’ve once worried about may not likely concern you now. 

Sometimes, struggles that you had when you were growing up can even be humorous as you’ve grown and developed as a person. The reality is the situations that stressed you out and controlled your mind often didn’t change. However, your perspective did. 

Focus on finding new perspectives for old struggles, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier and happier mental state. 

Express Yourself

One of the best ways to self-medicate the mind is to just remove the negative thoughts. This can be done in many different ways, but the main concept is to externalize the internal thoughts so that you can look at them in a new light. 

One of the most common ways to do this is journaling. This helps you to see your own internal thoughts and thought patterns externally. This is very helpful when intentionally trying to change your perspective and can be a beneficial way to address the biggest struggles in your mind. 

If you consider yourself an artist in any field (or even if you don’t!), try to express yourself through that. Expressing yourself through painting, music, pottery, or any other art form can be an essential part of working through negative emotions and thought patterns. 

Self-expression is an incredible way to move closer to healthy headspaces and make it much easier to change your perspective on the problems in your life. 

Intentionally Distract Yourself

Sometimes, when it gets hard to control your mind and emotions, the best thing to do is just find ways to distract yourself. While there are certainly many ways to distract yourself that are unhealthy and damaging to yourself and others, there are many ways and things to do that can distract you from negative thoughts and mindsets. 

Being distracted in every situation is usually not the best, but being intentionally distracted when you need it most is a great practice to take while trying to get back on track with a healthy mindset. 

One of the best things to focus on when distracting yourself is to find a set goal and achieve it. This will often release chemicals in your brain that help you feel more motivated and productive and can often lift your overall mood in many different ways. 

Sometimes, this can be as simple as cleaning a room in your house. Set a goal and do what you can to help you get to where you have accomplished something and are more fully in control of your thoughts. 

Other intentional distractions can include reading a book, taking a walk, finding loved ones to spend time with, or consuming some kind of art, like music or poetry. 

Intentionally distracting yourself from negative thoughts and refocusing on helpful, enjoyable, and beneficial things can help you quickly get into better mind space. This can often help you be more fully able to live life to the fullest and take better control of your mind. 

Take Care of Your Body From Within

The reality is, your mind is part of your body, and they are very directly linked. If you don’t take care of your body, it can often lead to struggles in your mental life. Imbalances in nutrients and other parts of your body can lead to imbalances in your thoughts and the ability to control your mindset.

Self-care is a huge part of making sure that you can get to a better place mentally. Some important things to focus on when you’re struggling to control your mind are making sure that you are getting enough high-quality sleep, eating a healthy diet with nutritious food, and making time to rest and relax. 

These can often take effort and may need some lifestyle changes to help heal your mind. But these are important and necessary steps to take when trying to heal your mind and regain control of your thoughts. 

Another way to deal with stress and tension that comes with difficult periods of life is through the help of CBDa

Based on thorough research, CBDa has been shown to be incredibly helpful when dealing with excessive amounts of stress. It is a fantastic way to help restore balance and emotional stability without dealing with harmful side effects in most cases. 

Fundamentally, when you take care of your body, your body will take care of your mind. It’s a natural process, and finding ways to take care of oneself holistically will set the tone for how you help take care of others. 

How Nesas Hemp Can Help

Nesas Hemp is here to provide a way to find true and lasting emotional and mental balance while healing the body. Instead of just using regular CBD that is often produced in overly harsh and manufactured ways, Nesas Hemp made it a mission to take the production process to the next level. 

Instead of producing CBD filled with toxins and heavy metals, Nesas CBDa contains pure LIVING raw hemp with zero additives, flavorings, or fragrances. It is proven to be 100% rich and full cold-preserved hemp extract with every healing compound that nature intended for us. 

If you’re looking for proven and tested ways to heal both your mind and body through CBDa, Nesas Hemp is beyond organic as we are Certified Organic Soil-to-Seed-to-Bottle. 

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